Saturday, April 16, 2005

We Likes Ta Party

I just got home from the 4+ hour drive from Chicago for the Tori Amos concert last night and I'm beat ... I'm going to post a few pix and then get some sleep ... I will elaborate on the day's happenings tomorrow ...

What do you think Britney Spears should name her child? Star magazine wants to know:

You know, because Britney will probably actually name her baby the winning name.

Jake Gyllenhaal ... hello there Mister you ...

I love this photoshoot ... Something about the bare feet ....

Did you know that David Boreanaz was on Married with Children as one of Kelly's boyfriends?

Neither did I ... he looks cute.

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of Esquire magazine, and she looks hot but ...

Are those dirty feet that I see?

Here is a new picture from the upcoming Elvis miniseries on CBS:

They both look so hot!

Aww lookie, Jessica Simpson took her dog Daisy for a car ride:

Daisy looks happy, Jessica does not ... BUT Jess was able to put on a brave face when she went out with hubby Nick Lachey the other night:

I wonder who will announce their breakup first ... Nick and Jessica or Ryan and Reese?

Eva Longoria spent a night as a Pussycat Doll:

She totally should do everything that she wants right now ... you never know if this Desperate Housewives thing will last ...

Brittany Murphy oftentimes looks like a crack whore ...

Much like in these Maxim pictures ... wow ... she looks bad ...

Don't jump Tara Reid ... don't do it ...

Oh wait ... nevermind ... do it!

Finally ... Mel Gibson is getting really old:

And so is his son ... much too old for Chuck E. Cheese pizza ... and WTF? Mel is beginning to look like Billy Joel ... ah yes, the Lord does work in mysterious ways.

Okay ... the last Tori Amos show that Sarah and I were to see on this leg of the tour was last night and it was phenomenal! The setlist was great and the stories that Tori told were so cute. During Father Lucifer she sang the line "girls who eat pizza never gain weight" and then she stuck her arm out and gave the audience the middle finger. It was hilarious. While she was talking to the crowd she noticed that the top balcony was very high up and she started saying that she hopes that no one falls down and dies and then she sang a little impromptu song that went something like this:

"Please don't fall ... I couldn't bear it ...I couldn't do that, I would fall ... Please don't fall. I couldn't bear the blood and the bones. I like a red dress, but not tonight. It just doesn't go with my peach and lavender dress. So if you're feeling suicidal, wait two weeks for the Sarah McLachlan concert"

Or something to that effect ... the crowd roared its approval. Here is the full setlist:

Original Sinsuality
Father Lucifer
Mother Revolution
Yes, Anatasia
Apollo's Frock

Tori's Piano Bar

Operator (Jim Croce cover)
Circle Game (Joni Mitchell cover)

Cars and Guitars
Space Dog
Barons Of Suburbia
Cool On Your Island
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Sweet The Sting

2nd Encore

Cloud On My Tongue
Ribbons Undone

She also told a Natasha story that was very cute ... We were very sad when the show was over because it will be a while before we get to see her again. It's been a very busy couple of weeks ... I'm looking forward to things really getting back to normal.

TONIGHT the whole gang is going to the 1st birthday of Les Enfants Terribles which is an awesome danceparty put on by the Dorkwave guys:

It will be a B-L-A-S-T! Hopefully I'll have some great stories to share tomorrow!

Sorry for the lack of news links today ... I will have a full post for all of you tomorrow. I'm out.