Thursday, April 28, 2005


Gag me with a spoon already ... are Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise trying to make me barf on my lovely Kenneth Cole shoes, or what?

They are making an awful lot of noise about this new relationship, n'est ce pas? Their publicists are falling over themselves in order to confirm their "love". They're doing the kissy-kissy thing in front of the world media ... Something stinks in the state of Denmark ... or Rome or wherever the hell they are right now ... I'll be watching them like a hawk!

Sex Advice From ... Me contacted me about a month ago and asked me if I would be interviewed for their Sex Advice From ... column. Of course I said yes and today the interview is online at their website. I can't believe they used my picture as the lead picture!

I had no idea who else they were interviewing so I was very pleased to learn that they chose some really cool bloggers!

Lindsay @
Perez @
Jessica @
Jonno @
Chris @
And little ol' me.

I have to say ... Jonno always looks hot and Perez takes a nice picture too. It's a great read ... I had fun doing the interview! Go check it out!!!

Go, Baby, Go Go

It must be hot in Arizona because Britney Spears looks like she's about to melt:

Her boobs keep getting bigger ... they must be really hard to lug around in all the heat ... can you imagine how much it makes her pits sweat? OMG ... on second thought, let's not imagine that ...

Kevin Federline ...

... is still a waste of time.

So here are more pictures of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in Rome:

Someone left a comment and I tend to agree ... this does smell a little like a publicity stunt. They both have huge blockbuster movies coming out this summer (Batman Beings and War of the Worlds) ... what great press for both movies. There had to be something to counter the Brad & Angelina maelstrom that blew up last weekend ... and you know, Tom Cruise is always looking for ways to appear straight. I keed, I keed ... but I do have to mention the fact that there have been rumors about Tom being gay going around FOREVER. We'll see if this is true love that lasts or just a sham relationship.

Speaking of the Brad & Angelina thing ... while Angelina Jolie is busy popping up all over New York, Brad Pitt is still in Africa helping people or something:

What is it with Brad Pitt and the mega-love of children from third world countries? First Maddox and now this kid. He must be desperate to be a daddy ...

Victoria Beckham, in her skinny finery, took toddler Romeo out for some shopping:

Look at that second outfit! It looks exactly like the outfit that Britney was wearing last summer (remember, when her thong was all hanging out?). All she needs is a cigarette and a Starbucks Frappicino to complete the look. But awww, look at these pictures:

They do look cute ... Romeo looks happy ... Victoria looks hungry. All's right with the world.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush are, apparently, on their honeymoon:

The happy couple still look so in love ... and it's already been like a week! That's true Hollywood love, y'all.

Goddamn ... Marc Anthony is an ugly man:

And Jennifer Lopez must be hexed or just plain insane. That's also Hollywood love, y'all.

Nicole Richie and her mother met up with fiancee Adam Goldstein and his mother for lunch:

I'm surprised Tara Reid didn't show up and try to make out with the mothers or something like that ... I wouldn't put it past her.

Lindsay Lohan looks awesome in this picture:

She rules ... she's a fun party girl that never quite takes it too far ... as long as she doesn't skankify like Tara, I think she'll be around for a long time.

Cameron Diaz is so lame:

But these pictures are great to look at :)

Xtina Aguilera is so goth ... even when she doesn't even try:

She is so pale ... you have to admit, she's a little scary-looking.

Whoa ... speaking of scary-looking ... Bobby Brown looks horrible:

And if you put a horned helmet on his head and gold teeth in his mouth he'd almost be the spitting image of Foofy-Foofy Flava Flav.

What is going on here ... Kelly Osbourne making out with Josh Madden???

Where exactly was Ultra??? Does she approve of this?! [via ONTD!]

Who, Who ... Who let the dogs out ...

Everybody, sing along ...

Aww, Mandy Moore and her pooch:

They look so cute!

Robbie Williams looks like he just heard the news about Katie and Tom:

See ... he thought Tom was gay too.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette never take good pictures together:

He should really be happy that people are even taking pictures of him.

Tori Amos is so cool ...

... and a little weird in this picture from Vogue magazine. [via The Dent]

And finally, who is Trent Reznor trying to fool?

That hair ... it's so hipster ... what will the goth/industrial kids say?

Let's do the news:
The Garbage show last night was SOO FUN! Shirley Manson was stunning ... the setlist was awesome:

Bad Boyfriend
Stupid Girl
Sex Is Not The Enemy
Hammering In My Head
When I Grow Up
Bleed Like Me
I Think I'm Paranoid
Push It
Only Happy When It Rains
Why Do You Love Me


Metal Heart
Cherry Lips (Go, Baby, Go)
Right Between The Eyes

And cameras were allowed to be used at will:

I took so many pictures! You can see all of them HERE.

username: pinkblog
password: pinkblog

The floor was packed ... I managed to get up to the front and get all sweaty in the throng of people. For a little while there was this very fat man behind me and all I could feel was his belly in my back ... twas not fun. She show ruled though ... Garbage always puts on a great show. You have to see them if you get the chance.

Gotta fly, more in a bit. I'm out.