Friday, April 29, 2005

Ladies & Gentlemen: I Give You TOMKAT

Before the weekend officially begins, let me leave you with a few images of the only Hollywood couple that everyone is talking about:

TOMKAT has landed, y'all ... it looks like they are going to press ahead with this juggernaut of a relationship. Who even cares about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie anymore?

I'm going to go puke out my intestines now ... Have a great weekend, y'all!!!

Special thanks goes out to Taina for sending me the TOMKAT pictures.

Is It Real Or Is It Photoshop?

So, Britney Spears must be getting close to her 5th month of pregnancy, so let's do a Brit Check:

Yes, her tummy seems to be getting bigger everyday (which isn't unusual for her around this time of year [when she's not touring or out promoting an album] except this time her belly isn't getting full of Cheetos & Red Bull, it's getting full of Fetus Spears). She also has all the requisite Spederline accoutrements and accessories. I think she's coming along nicely, don't you?

In other Spederline news, UPN's website devoted to the Britney & Kevin show has been updated with a new picture:

How lovely! The pictures look fresh from their recent holiday in Scottsdale, Arizona. Holla atcha, Spederline!

Okay, I feel I need to clear up a huge misconception that is going around ... various news reports have come out mistakenly suggesting that the photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together on an African beach are fake. This belief comes from the news that Star magazine is running a Photoshopped picture of the pair on this week's cover. Let me clear this up ... the pictures that came out last weekend were not faked or Photoshopped -- they were real pictures of the pair together on a beach. US Weekly won the rights to publish those pictures in the U.S. and Star magazine didn't -- but it's such a huge story that Star couldn't afford to not talk about it so they concocted their own picture to use in their magazine:

People reading reports that "the Brad & Angelina picture is fake" are being led to believe that the beach photos that came out last weekend are fake. The only fake Brad & Angelina picture going around is the one used on the cover of Star magazine.

I have to say, this is a brilliant move on Star magazine's part. They make up a fake picture, tell everyone that it's fake and everyone believes that all the pictures are fake -- thus taking away the thunder from US Weekly. Anyways, I hope this clears things up for those of you who think the beach photos were faked.

And we're moving on ... Reese Witherspoon looks pissed off and/or very unhappy:

Maybe she's upset that her recent appearance with her husband, Ryan Phillipe, has failed to quell rumors that there is a rift between them? Nah, maybe it's something else ... like maybe she secretly hates Luke Wilson and was perturbed to run into him on the street:

That must be it.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went to the Billboard Latin Music Awards last night:

Wow! Do they both look really bad, or what?! Egads ... I'm all for supporting your man but when you have to make yourself look ugly just so he'll look better ... man, that's some crazy shizz right there.

I love this picture of Jesse Metcalf:

C'mon y'all ... those are men's shoes hanging off the bed ... is Jesse trying to tell us something? You know he doesn't spend hours plucking those eyebrows for nothing.

Let us pause to look at some pictures of David Beckham:

Let us also pause to check out Victoria Beckham's caesarian-section scar:

Gawd, that woman is so thin ... the only way she can have babies is via a hole cut into her stomach. If she had to give birth the natural way her head would probably pop right off.

Paris Hilton appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night:

Her face looks a bit manly in these pictures ... Terri Hatcher was also on The Late Show and she tried her best to pose just like Paris Hilton:

Boo! Terri, get your own thing ... make pouty lips or flip your hair or something. Lame Paris poses do nothing for you.

Now that male celebs like Adam Brody are being seen with their dogs, it seems that the pooch has become the new fashion accessory:

I don't like the big dogs ... I like the little teeny-weeny dogs that you can fit into medium-sized Louis Vuitton bags ... those dogs are cute!

Coco Cox-Arquette is so cute:

She looks much cuter in this picture than she did in her Christening picture ... maybe she hates wearing white?

Pamela Anderson likes to drink:

... and touch herself. Well, she does have massive boobs ... she might as well enjoy them too. [via ONTD!]

Corey Haim has really let himself go:

I heard that he got really big in recent years ... I didn't think he swelled to Anna-Nicole proportions. Yikes! [via]

Verne Mini-Me Troyer can be very scary sometimes:

Well ... he's scary pretty often ... well ... all the time ...

And finally, it seems that Hayden Christenson's sister is the girl to call for a real good time:

... you know, if you're into that sort of thing ... paging the Thigh Master!

And now, the news:
Sarah, Erik and I went to see Patty Griffin at the Michigan Theater last night ... she was sooo great:

You just have to experience Patty Griffin live ... there is a quality to her voice that is just stunning. We had such a nice night ...

This weekend is Steve and Stephanie's Going Away party ... they are doing their final move to Nashville, Tennessee. We will all be very sad to see them go ... but we plan on sending them off with a bang!

I have a half day today ... I will be free after 1PM ... and for now, I'm out.