Thursday, May 05, 2005

Letter Of Truth: Chaotic Edition

Dear Fans,
I think Arizona has to be one of the most healing places on Earth. Kevin and I were there for two peaceful and relaxing weeks. Our house was on the top of a mountain and was absolutely breathtaking. I lived at the spa and gym. Being in the desert does something to my soul. Every time I go there I have the most amazing experiences. My dad and my cousin, Laura Lynne, came to visit us for a few days. We saw Ashton Kutcher's new movie, "A lot Like Love", which was adorable. We also ate at some amazing restaurants in Scottsdale. Eating for two is so much fun; I get to eat lots and lots!

My and Kevin's new UPN series is coming out soon. May 17th to be exact! Doing a documentary series seemed like the last thing I would do. Having our series be compared to all the "reality shows" on television right now and putting ourselves out there seemed crazy, but that is exactly when I realized I should do it. The craziest things I've ever done have always been for the best. The incentive behind me doing this series wasn't for my career. So much happened last year much too fast and I really wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to reflect on all of it. It's like my own therapy. I hope you guys enjoy our little project! We are having so much fun putting it all together.
Well, I have to call my mom now. It's her 50th Birthday today!!! It's time to party, Mom. I love you so much!!

Love always,

Happy Birthday Lynne Spears! B-girl, I loves ya!!!


It's really funny to think how far Britney Spears has come from that little pop princess that broke on to the scene in 1999. She was so cutesy and so innocent. I found this picture of Britney and Justin Timberlake and just wonder what they would be like if they were still together:

They were the perfect couple ... AND now she's with Kevin The Rat Federline and he's with Cameron Zitty McPussbags Diaz ... ahhh, what could have been ...

Anyways ... did y'all watch Lost last night? I got home from Cleveland really late last night (details in a bit) so I went right to sleep ... but I did watch the episode as soon as I woke up this morning. Overall, it was a good episode ... there was a lot of new information and, of course, high drama:

I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again ... Jack's annoyingly pompous hero complex is really irritating. I like him, I really do ... but sometimes when he goes off half-cocked in order to save the world I really want to punch him in the face. BUT ANYWAYS ... Sayed just can't catch a break and Shannon is really a crazy beyotch! I can't wait for next week ... they are going to try and open the hatch ... but the weird kid doesn't want them to open it ... why why why??? It's a good show ... I love it ... but 24 is better.

Here are some more pictures of Katie Holmes with her RAGING CASE OF HERPES:

She looks a bit shocked at all the attention she's getting ... didn't she read the contract that she signed with Tom Cruise? It's part of the job sweetie.

Angelina Jolie is taking a break from breaking up marriages and clandestine beach rendez-vouses with her "secret" lover in order to meet with government leaders:

I'm not sure what she's got up her sleeve but I'm sure it has everything to do with MARRYING BRAD PITT.

Orlando Bloom is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone:

Personally, I don't think that his new movie Kingdom of Heaven is going to be a smashing success ... but I guess we'll see.

Paris Hilton recently had eye surgery:

How else do you explain her going out in public in these ridiculous-looking glasses?! In other news ... reports of Tinkerbell's demise have been greatly exaggerated:

I guess I'm glad that Tinkerbell ain't dead but she should only go out in public with Bambi because he is the way cuter of the two.

Paris' new cohort Kimberly Stewart is starting to get photographed more when she's out on her own:

Which means we get to scrutinize every part of her ... but her forehead is so enormous what else is there to talk about? Wee! I can't wait until we find out together.

Boo! Lindsay Lohan is also a fan of those huge ugly sunglasses:

She looks good in them though ... I think her hair is growing on me too.

Oh, Hiiii Chris Evans:

It's always so nice to see you!

Hayden Christensen is already working on his next movie:

I'm not quite sure why he's co-starring with Mary Magdalene but I'm sure we'll be finding out soon enough.

Here are some pictures from Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's TV special that they taped while in Iraq:

Strangely enough, it looks a bit like a gay porno I watched once ... but that's a story for another time.

Pamela Anderson went out with her family:

Do we know how her new show is doing? I doubt it will make it to season 2 ... but if she did a reality show ... hey, now there's an idea.

Here is a promo picture from the newest Crow movie starring Edward Furlong:

Goddamn ... this movie looks like a total winner!

Have you purchased your Star Wars toys yet?

I love this picture of me in my Storm Trooper uniform buying all of the Episode III action figures! So rad!!

Finally ... I found this really cool-looking piece of fan-art of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Supergirl:

Maybe if SMG doesn't get the Wonder Woman movie she can get the Supergirl movie! [via]

And now, the news:
The Ryan Adams show last night was so awesome. The drive out to Cleveland was pretty uneventful but I managed to find The House of Blues without any trubs (incidentally, The HOB is pretty cool ... neat vibe, very flashy and the bathrooms smell of incense). I was very surprised to find out that Rachel Yamagata was the opening act! Generally, I like her ... but she's very depressing. It was all I could do to keep from slitting my wrists as she sang her songs. Then it was time for Ryan Adams & The Cardinals:

I shit you not ... they played for 2 hours ... then Ryan played by himself for about 50 minutes ... THEN he took a break for about 10 minutes and then CAME OUT AND PLAYED ANOTHER FULL SET WITH THE BAND! If you get the chance to see Ryan Adams on this tour you will be in for a treat ... a very long treat.

I was also very fortunate to meet 2 lovely ladies, Leslie & Bridget, who recognized me from this blog! We actually met between Rachel and Ryan's sets and kind of hung out the whole night. I learned how to do this awesome Chris Farley dance ... what more could I ask for. Oh, how about a picture of my new friends WITH Ashlee Simpson throwing up a gang sign????

As always ... I had a very fun time in Cleveland ... I can't wait to go back.