Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mommie Dearest

Happy Mother's Day, y'all!!! Hope you all were able to visit your moms or least shout them a holla today. I was able to hang out with my mom yesterday so that I would be able to sleep in today ... we had a long night last night so it was nice not having to wake up early today. Okay, let's get to it ...

Britney Spears, with step-daughter Kori in tow, paid a visit to the doctor, I assume, for a regular check-up:

This time next year Brit-Brit will be celebrating her first Mother's Day with a child of her own ... Will she still be with Kevin? Will she ready for baby #2? Oi! It will be interesting to see where mama Spears will be in one year's time.

This weekend was the Kentucky Derby ... and you know what that means ... big hats and horses ...

... and horses in big hats? I don't get the "big hat" thing and it seems that Victoria Gotti doesn't either ... her hat is ugly! It looks like Cher's purse from Clueless exploded. But here's a shocker, Tara Reid was also on hand for the Derby and she looked somewhat demure and respectable:

I wonder how many little jockeys she took home with her.

Here are some promo pictures from Ashlee Simpson's movie Undiscovered:

I sincerely doubt the movie will be a huge hit but look at her hair ... I miss her hair ... I hate her new hair:

She is going around showing off her new cut and I really hate it. I'm puttin' her ass on probation ... she needs to straighten up and fly right or I'm gonna have to ditch her. Come on Ash, don't let me down!

Here is another flattering picture of Jessica Simpson:

That girl has got a big ol' mouth! Geeze!

Reese Witherspoon continues to work out and stay in shape, Ryan Phillipe has stayed out of sight:

There hasn't been much Ryan and Reese news or sightings lately ... they seem to have gone into seclusion since they were seen together at the Crash premiere. I wonder what they are up to.

Yikes ... here is a picture of Anna Nicole from her latest photoshoot for Loaded magazine:

Egads ... that woman is scary! She the rest of the pictures HERE. I can't imagine that she is sexually appealing to anyone but I'm sure she's got her admirers ... I feel really sorry for them. [via ONTD!]

Here's a fun game, can you guess who's arm pit this belongs to?

Click above to find out who it is

I think you'll be very surprised to find out ... I know I was horrified and saddened. [via ONTD! via JustJared]

I predict that House of Wax will the the #1 movie at the box office this week, and I predict that Paris Hilton will continue promote this movie well until it gets released on DVD:

You know, cuz Paris Hilton needs an excuse to be photographed. Anyways, she and live-in lover Paris Latsis were out on the town:

They need to start making babies so that Paris2 can become Paris3.

Here are more pictures of Kim Stewart:

I'm really very sorry.

Kelly Osbourne knows that pink is THE color:

I love when celebs pay homage to me.

Normally I am against Lindsay Lohan's tanning habits but I think I changing my position, look at how pale the girl is without her fake tan lotion:

She looks like a sheet! She needs to darken her hair (I always liked the red) and darken her skin ... or at least fake darken it.

Former American Idol contestant Diana DeGarmo is going to prom this year:

The dress looks nice but doesn't Diana look old? Isn't she like 17 or something ... but she seriously looks like a 39 year-old chick.

Here is the teaser poster for the new Harry Potter movie Goblet of Fire:

Click HERE to watch the teaser trailer. I have to admit, it looks good so far. And I am not talking about the hot Quiddich players either.

And finally ... I think I really want THIS:

I'm going to have to add it to my wishlist :)

And now, the news:
We had so much fun with Jake and his friends last night. Check it out:

We ate, drank and were very merry. It was a very fun night ... You can see the rest of the pictures HERE.

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That's all, y'all! Word to your respective Mothers.

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