Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So Hot has some great stills from the trailer for the Fantastic Four movie:

You can see more stills HERE. You can watch the Internet only trailer from whence come these stills HERE.

Head over to the official website and press the F4 button on your keyboard while on the main page ... this will give you access to the hidden Von Doom Data Bank. It's very cool!


Yesterday we got our DVR service hooked up and I am in complete heaven!

Not only do we now have the ability to record up to 60 hours of TV programming but the new DVR box allows our big-screen TV to receive HDTV channels as well! If I never venture outside of the house again ... well, now you know why :)


I must confess that I did not watch one full episode of The Amazing Race ... well, ever. I heard about how Rob & Amber (the evil bitches from Survivor fame) were among the contestants this year and I kept hearing about how they were doing very well (usually the team in first place). Last night as I was flipping through the channels I came upon The Amazing Race, remembered that it was the season finale and figured I'd watch the last 20 mins. to see if Rob & Amber would lose (I loathe them as people and really was hoping that they were going to lose) ... thankfully, I got my wish! Uchenna and his wife Joyce were this season's winners!!!

I was literally screaming at the TV ... I now understand why this show is so popular ... I was very happy with the result. I asked Erik if he was interested in joining me in next season's Amazing Race ... he looked at me, blinked twice and walked away. I guess he's not ready to hate me just yet.

Some new indie band out of the UK staged a huge press conference to announce that they will be hitting the road for a new tour:

How cool ... a band made up of old guys. It'll never work.

Hilary and Haylie Duff took some time off to chill while filming their new movie Material Girls:

Hilary looks cute as usual ... but you know what's really cute ... Joel Madden's guitar:

Okay ... everyone all together now ... AWWWWWWWWWWW!

The folks at are at it again ... they bring you Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (collectively known as TOMKAT) performing the song Candy Shop:

Hilarious! You have to check it out ... soo funny!!!

Paris Hilton is in France for the Cannes Film Festival and while there she is doing a little work, promoting her fragrance:

She is also doing a little shopping ... here she is buying up Chanel:

Meanwhile, her new sidekick Kimberly Stewart was left at home ... doing whatever it is that she does:

She is not a pretty girl. I blame Rod Stewart's genes. I also blame the jean vest she's wearing. Yuck!

Nicole Richie, on the other hand, is looking cute:

That shirt is hilarious ...

Kelly Osbourne is really stacked:

Which means that she is prolly making some lucky dude really happy ;) I love Kelly ... she is who she is and she makes no apologies for it. Oh, and she'll kick your ass too.

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, needs to apologize for this awful outfit:

It's so skanky ... not cute at all. Mariah ... you need to keep your junk on lockdown ... it's getting out of hand! [via D*ana's Dirt]

Jason Mraz has some effing nasty fingernails!!!

Sick! They're not even all the same length ... gross, gross, gross!!!

Oh no, is Ben Affleck making a Gigli sequel?

Maybe he's just making another horrible movie that will be just as bad. One can only hope.

Here is a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker and her little boy:

She is such a cute mom ...

Shirley Manson created a self-portrait for Blender magazine:

The portrait is entitled Le Mepris ... she is so damn cool.

Ashton Kutcher knows what it's like being a kept boy:

I bet Demi Moore is very demanding and very domineering ... that's kinda hot.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are still going strong:

I wonder when the pregnancy rumors will start? Maybe they'll get married in a surprise ceremony ... it's unlikely though, there aren't any rumors that either one of them are gay.

Nicole Kidman is really skinny:

You can almost see right through her ... She's got chicken legs but I still love her.

Make sure you head on over to Oh No They Didn't! They've got a fresh new look:

... and the same kickass attitude! I love the new layout ... Pink is the new ONTD!

Les news:
Last night we went to see Palindromes and I was totally blown away:

I had no idea it was a movie by the same guy who made Welcome to the Dollhouse! It's actually a sort of sequel to Dollhouse. It's so terrible and so funny and so wrong in so many ways. I love the way the director used different girls (and 1 boy) to play the same character in the film. I simply must get the soundtrack if only to listen to the Sunshine Singers songs over and over and over. If you are a fan of Todd Solondz or Welcome to the Dollhouse then you must see this film. So freaking best!

Hmm ... new DVR and new HDTV capabilities ... I wonder what I'm going to be doing tonight ...