Friday, May 13, 2005

You Gotta Have Art

What Britney Spears really wants to do is produce movies, y'all. It looks like she got the go ahead to make that NASCAR movie (Trading Paint) that she's been talking about:

The film will focus on the rivalry between two NASCAR motor racing drivers who survive a near-fatal crash. Spears will play the woman who reunites them. Details of the planned project were exposed at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in the south of France yesterday.

If she casts Kevin Federline it'll be a turd of a movie ... well, it'll prolly be a turd of a movie anyways (I can't wait to read the Thigh Master review of the film when/if it ever comes out) but I would love to see a new Britney movie! Holla!


Okay ... Survivor: Palau is down to the final four ... personally, I think the women are completely stupid this year ... they could have started eliminating the domineering men a couple of weeks ago but they didn't and now it's anyone's game:

The fact that hot fireman daddy Tom is still in the game is so stupid on the other contestant's parts ... he is so strong, he tends to win immunity challenges and will be a tough cookie to beat. That said, he will be voted off the next time he doesn't win immunity. Caryn was eliminated last night which was a bad move on the women's part ... they could have eliminated Ian which would have put the women in complete control. Caryn isn't a threat and Ian is ... I suspect, in the end, Ian will win it all. It's tough to say though because at this point any one of the final four could win it all. If Jenn wins I'll be pissed ... she is so useless and only got this far because of Gregg (who was eliminated last week). The 2-hour Survivor finale airs this Sunday night ... which means I'll soon have one less show to DVR.

Lindsay Lohan speaks to Teen Vogue on how "overweight" she is:

I can't believe that Teen Vogue would print shit like this considering all the young girls who read their magazine. Lindsay and Nicole Richie are so sickeningly thin ... and they think they are overweight?! Gross, gross, gross!!! [via ONTD!]

When the night falls, the stars come out ... to par-tay at a new club called Mood:

Jake Gyllenhaal looks pretty pissed ... Alyssa Milano opted to wear a long sleeve shirt (good idea considering we don't have to see her hairy pits) and Tara Reid was ready to prowl ... but Tara doesn't only do her thing under cover of night ...

Letting her boobies do what they may, Tara ventured out to shop or something. It's very rare that you see her with the same guy twice ... and this is no exception ... this guy looks new to me ... I wonder who he is. Oh Tara, I think deep down we really do love you ... and your boob scars.

Hey! A Reese Witherspoon sighting!! She's been out of sight for a few days now ... but she's back and she didn't forget her video camera:

It's funny how Ava is trailing behind her ... kind of like Reese isn't even really paying attention to her ... that little girl is cute tho!

Xtina Aguilera sure likes the lesbians, here she is having a grand ol' time at Girl Bar:

The club is touted as "LA's premiere dance club for lesbian women". Hee hee, whatevs Xtina ... whatevs.

Is Ashlee Simpson reading what peeps are saying about her hair?

The cut doesn't seem quite so jagged anymore ... the color still blows but if she fixed the color the cut seems to be looking better. Keep workin' on it, Ashlee, you can get it right.

David Beckham is the new face for Gillette. Check out the hot photos:

He has been the spokesman for Gillette in the UK for a while now and it seems like they are going to start using his face here in the US now. I completely approve. [via towleroad]

Well, what do we have here ... are Eva Longoria and Keifer Sutherland a couple?

Wow ... I like her better with Keifer than with JC Chasez. We are going to have to keep an eye on this new couple ... I hope it works out! [via The Greek Princess]

Carrie Fisher attended the Washington D.C. premiere of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith last night:

She is gettin' on in years, ain't she? Personally, I think she looks much better than Mark Hamill's been lookin' these days ...

... But you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who looks worse than Tori Spelling:

What the hell happened to her?! Is she really alive under those 45 layers of botoxed?! Or, did she merely get a silicone face implant?! Ye gods, she looks frightening ... make it go away ... please make it stop!

Yay! Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have finally been reunited!

Don't they look so happy together? That's love, y'all.

And finally, my good friend Tony was able to fulfill a life-long dream and see Kylie Minogue live in concert:

He flew to London for a week and was able to see her Showgirl concert 4 times (from as close as the front row and the the third row). Normally I would be extremely jealous and I would curse his name but I know how much this trip meant to him. The pictures are cute, don't cha think?

And now, let's do the news:
Sam and Rachel's graduation was so fun ... it was held at the Detroit Opera House. Then we went to CCS to see the artwork on display (Erik and I have our eyes on a few of Sam's and Rachel's pieces ... I think we're going to purchase them on Saturday). Check out Sam's website HERE and check out Rachel's website HERE.

After that both families met up for a late dinner. Sydne and I shared a fishbowl full of blue alcoholic yumminess ... it was very fun.

Steve and Stephanie (home from Nashville, TN for her little brother's graduation) stayed over in our guest room ... I wonder if they made a baby in there? Hmmm ... I think I'll let Erik change the sheets just in case ;)

Tonight I believe we are hanging out with Steve to get our drink on ... whenever there is a situation where you have Steve and Drinking ... well ... there could be trouble. Oi!

Happy Friday the 13th, y'all!!!