Saturday, May 14, 2005

Cannes Do

We are just a few days away from the debut of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic ... Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are starting to grant interviews about the show:

It is about to be all Britney, all the time around here ... I can't wait!!! One little OT thing ... I have been meaning to blog about this FOREVER but I never got around to it so here you go ... Britney Spears Greatest Hits: The DVD has all of Britney's videos including a karaoke version of Toxic with just nude Britney covered in jewels and words to the song:

Unfortunately the word "your" is misused many times in place of the correct "you're". I don't blame Britney for this ... surely she would have never let this travesty occur ... but whoever created the Toxic karaoke video needs to be fired!

Here are some pictures of Miss Paris Hilton in Cannes, France:

Seriously, with her gads of money you would think that she would get a foot transplant! Those toes are horrifying! Ugly feet do not deserve to wear Manolo Blahnik shoes.

AND ... here are more pictures of Paris Hilton's "too racy" ad for Carl's Jr. Hamburgers ... the latest report is that the ad has been approved to air on TV:

I doubt the ad is really that racy ... it is very unbelievable that 1.) Paris Hilton would be eating a hamburger and 2.) that she has any concept of car washing at all.

Lindsay Lohan's diet Coke diet is getting out of hand:

BONES! She is turning into Victoria Beckham right before our eyes! Someone stuff a Carl's Jr. hamburger down her throat fast ... before it's too late.

The stars came out for some Maxim party the other night:

Why people invite Dennis Rodman to anything is a mystery to me ... expect to see pictures of him at Go Fug Yourself very soon. Nicole Richie is probably wearing a size -2 dress and it hangs on her like a potato sack ... pretty soon she's going to have to start wearing Barbie clothes in order to find anything that fits. Tara Reid ... what more can I say that hasn't been said already?

Here are more pictures of Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney's wedding:

Ain't they jus so purdy?

Mischa Barton is always picking her nose:

Maybe Brandon Davis is the one who did the dumping? Gross! [via Perez]

Ashlee Simpson almost had a wardrobe malfunction on stage:

Can you imagine what papa Joe Simpson would have done if her boob had fallen out? [via Dean's Planet]

Have you heard ... Claire's is now selling Ashlee Simpson jewelry:

It's all 100% guaranteed to turn your fingers, neck, ear lobes and wrists green or your money back. [via]

Hey Hilary Duff ... did ya lose something?

Maybe she couldn't find her keys?

Nicky Hilton has landed a man:

She is lucky she is so pretty that she doesn't have to worry about men dating her only for her money.

Here is a picture of the Laguna Beach cast at a recent concert in San Diego:

You have no idea how I wish I could meet them ... Ahh, some day. In other awesome Laguna Beach news, I was able to DVR the entire first season last night when MTV played all of the episodes in a marathon. Having the episodes saved on our DVR will tide me over until the DVD of the first season gets released this July:

Woot! Sooooo freaking cool!

The news:
We had so much fun last night at Steve's going away party ... we started out at Bailey's Sports Bar and ended up at the Double Olive. There was A LOT of alcohol involved ... a tiara (not, I repeat, NOT worn by me ... sadly) and quite a few drunk chicks. It was way hot!

Today we buy some art and then tonight we hit up a house party ... Woot!

MICHELE -- I received your gift today ... Thank you so much!!! I am completely floored ... Please email me so I can thank you further and profusely. XOXO