Sunday, May 15, 2005

Get Your Party On

And Britney Spears and Kevin Federline keep giving the interviews, this time to Entertainment Tonight:

I'm tired of all the blabbin' ... let's get to the real deal ... bring on Britney & Kevin: Chaotic already! In really awesome news, (one of the BEST Britney fan sites) has the MP3 of the new Britney Spears song Chaotic for download:

Make sure you VISIT BREATHE HEAVY to download the song ... it's pretty damn good.

Lindsay Lohan goes out every single day ... so I am able to post pictures of her every single day ... here she is out with a friend:

It looks they actually went out for food:

Hmmm ... I bet a diet that is made up solely of frappicinos and whipped cream would really make you lose a lot of weight ... what do you think?

Jennifer Lopez was one of the performers at this year's Wango Tango concert in LA yesterday:

Her hair looks like a ratty bird's nest ... not a good look normally but she doesn't look that bad I suppose. Click HERE to check out some more pictures from this year's Wango Tango concert, including a lot of backstage pictures.

Ashlee Simpson spent some time shopping:

I really hope she has a whole new look in those bags of hers ... maybe a wig or 2?

Here are more pictures of Paris Hilton in her hot pink track suit:

Note the House of Wax promotional panties that are peeking out of her sweat pants. As we know, Paris is in Cannes, France for the film festival ... along with other celebs like Natalie Portman ... sans hair:

I don't like Natalie with a shaved head ... but it is a striking look for her. Paris' Solid Gold Dancer outfit is kinda crappy ... I don't like her hair either.

Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen were photographed together at Cannes:

Since she is newly separated from Brandon Davis, are these 2 the hot new couple? Developing.

Kim Stewart, desperate for attention, made sure the paparazzi would take pictures of her by standing in the middle of the sidewalk reading a tabloid magazine:

No doubt she was looking for pictures of her within the pages of the tabloid. She seems incredibly lame. And her purse is fucking ugly.

Brittany Murphy looks pretty good when she doesn't look all cracked out:

She looks really nice all dressed up ... I really hope that sparkle in her eye isn't drug induced.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé really love those rockers:

Here is the couple backstage at a Fall Out Boy concert ... first it was Linkin Park and now Fall Out Boy ... will we see the Jigga-man at a Dashboard Confessional show next?

Egotastic has been keeping up with the Superman Returns news and offers our first look at The Daily Planet:

Director Bryan Singer is making sure that fans get to see every part of this movie as it is filmed ... that's kinda cool.

Here are some promo pictures from the pilots getting shopped to the networks that star David Boreanaz (ex-Angel) and Nicholas Brendan (ex-Xander):

David's show is called Bones and Nicholas' show is called Kitchen Confidential. Um yeah ... I don't really have much hope that these shows will survive. But I'm keepin' good thoughts for both of them.

Here are more pictures of the straight-to-video movie The Crow: Wicked Prayer starring Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz and Tara Reid:

No comment.

There are some seriously crazy-insane Lost fans out there ... check out this fan's new tattoo:

That is devotion ... or insanity ... yeah, insanity -- that's it.

News rundown:
We had a lot of fun yesterday ... the early part of the day was spent hanging with Steve & Stephanie and Sam & Rachel ... then VLB, Sarah, Mike and Kirsten came over and we went to the first house party of the evening:

Then we went to one more house party before calling it a night. It was a lot of fun ... You can see the rest of the pictures HERE.

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The pictures are courtesy of VLB.

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