Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Letter Of Truth: Extreme Home Makeover Edition

Vegas, Renovations and a New Show!

May 17, 2005

Dear fans,
Kevin and I had an amazing trip to Las Vegas. There is soo much to do there. It's like Disney World for Adults. We celebrated his dad's 50th birthday with a delicious dinner on the outside patio of Ghostbar at the top of the Palms Hotel. We got to spend time with his family & some of our friends, plus went to see a few great shows.

I'm glad to be back home though. Our house is still being renovated. Kevin thinks everyone works faster if we stay at the house. All the construction is really loud in the morning; but, I feel he may be right. I can't wait for it to be finished. So far, it's coming along beautifully! My mom and I are going to start talking about ideas this week for the baby's room. She is so gifted in decorating and interior design and I'm grateful to have her help. I've also been thinking of different ideas for the prayer and meditation room. Everything is going so well lately - it literally brings me to my knees.

I'm sorry to cut this short, but I gotta go get my beauty sleep for the Ellen DeGeneres show and David Letterman Top 10 List taping tomorrow. Watch it if you can and don't forget to tune into our show on UPN Tuesday night at 9pm!!



PS: Britney and Kevin will be on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight. They will be doing Dave's Top 10 List. The Spederline media onslaught just keeps on rollin'.

Boy I Think It's So Chaotic

I was very shocked and saddened to learn some very horrible news this morning ... Kylie Minogue has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be canceling the remaining dates on her tour. Here is her official statement from her website:

I cannot express how upsetting this is. I have been a Kylie fan since she released her debut album in 1988. There is no other music artist that I have been a fan of longer. Her statement and press releases sound very optimistic ... catching the cancer in the early stages greatly increases the ability to completely eradicate the disease (my dad was diagnosed early with cancer and was completely cured). I will be thinking of her and send my good wishes to Kylie and her family.

In other sad news, Colin Farrell recently lost his grandfather:

I am a huge Colin fan ... my thoughts and wishes also go out to him and his family.

Let's lighten things up a bit ... Today is the day ... finally, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic debuts tonight on UPN. But before that happens, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are going to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today:

Well, depending on where you are they may have already been on Ellen. The show airs at 4pm in Detroit and you know I'll be DVRing it. [screencaps via UBritney]

And then ... the big show debut tonight:

Make sure you visit the show's website if you haven't had a chance to hear Britney's new song Chaotic ... the song is available for sampling at the site. Do NOT miss the 1-hour premiere episode tonight ... 9PM EST.


24 is really winding down ... you can tell by the way last night's episode turned out ... you just knew there was going to be an 11th hour hostage-taking ... will Tony live to see another day?

The whole lovey-dovey exchange between Michelle and Tony was a huge tip-off that something bad was going to happen to Tony ... he better live damnit! I didn't expect Marwan to escape again ... nor did I expect Secretary Heller's son to turn out gay (that's kinda hot). Next week is the 2-hour season finale ... they are promising to "pull out all the stops" which means we have a whole lot of "Oh Shit!"s to look forward to.

David and Victoria Beckham were on hand at the Laureus World Sports Awards Show:

He either won an award or they, very tactlessness, walked away from the affair with one of the table centerpieces.

Here are some screencaps from the forbidden Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. hamburger ad:

You can see the whole commercial HERE.

Paris Hilton left Cannes, France to do some shopping in London:

She brought her signature "That's Hot"ness to the lovely British folk. She also zipped over to Germany to do some TV appearances:

I wonder what she was looking for ... surely not her dignity. Somewhere along the way she found the time to introduce one of her latest business ventures ... a cologne for men ... Paris for Men:

Hmm ... if any one of you gets this for me as a gift I will never EVER speak to you again ... well ... not really but don't do it, okay?

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica ... sometimes you just look so wrong:

... and sometimes you can look so right ...

... but you never really look that smart ... and hanging out with the likes of these 2 ... well ...

... a whole plethora of blonde jokes come to mind ... it's making my head hurt.

Brittany Murphy must have been wearing extensions because here are some pictures of her with a bob haircut:

She still looks all sparkly ... I still hope it's not drug-induced.

Damn, Jessica Simpson has really been getting around (having hubby Nick Lachey out of the picture seems to be doing wonders for her social life). Here is Mrs. Simpson with sister Ashlee Simpson and skeleton Nicole Richie:

Boo ... those Hollywood "It" girls need a fun friend to hang out with them ... maybe they'll run into me this summer when I'm in LA and they'll fall in love with me and beg me to hang out with them. I might do it, you know.

Xtina Aguilera can look great ... I hate to admit it but it's true ... but seriously, her over-powdered face + deep red lipstick look is so, so bad:

She looks like a ghost ... or an albino. Xtina ... get cute ... please try.

Here are a couple of Lindsay Lohan's best looks -- a before and after:

Isn't it easy to see how she can be so loved and adored?

Kelly Osbourne looks cute in this picture:

Thighman, this one's for you!

Zach Braff and Mandy Moore are still an item:

I don't really like them together ... I think Mandy is really cute and I don't think Zach is very cute at all ... maybe she can get with Chris Klein or something ... I bet she gives it up like Katie Holmes never would.

Halle Berry ... what the hell are you wearing?

Those overalls are terrible ... I'm sorry, I have to go heave now.

Gwyenth Paltrow and baby daughter Apple are so cute ...

... and extremely white. They could both use a little tanning to get some color ... Yikes!

And finally, do you remember AJ Langer (Rayanne from the show My So-Called Life)? Well, she's all growed up and just recently got married:

I loved that show so much ... I loved Rayanne on that show ... Congratulations AJ ... best of luck for a long and happy marriage!

Let's do the news:
I did nothing last night ... I stayed home and watched a bunch of DVR recorded shows ... The Alternative on VH1 Classic is seriously the best show on digital cable TV. Okay, it's not really a show considering all they do is play videos ... but they play the best videos EVER! The format is exactly what 120 Minutes on MTV used to be like. This weekend's episode featured videos from Morrissey, Lush, The Cure, Mazzy Star, The Farm, Catherine Wheel and others. I watch that show enraptured ... remembering how cool it used to be when those videos were popular and were actually played on MTV.

So yeah ... DVR means that I've always got something to watch or catch up on ... I totally <3 it!

Sarah and I talked about seeing a movie tonight ... which we might do ... not sure yet ... but for now, I have to bid you adieu.