Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Sith Is Bananas ... B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Sorry for the lateness of this post ... I went to a midnight viewing of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (as you know) so I got a late start today ... let's get to it ...

Britney Spears felt like she needed a bit of a make-over ... so she decided to go to the John Frieda hair salon to get some work done:

Don't you love what they did to her? Totally fabulous! Afterwards, she and little sis Jamie Lynn Spears went out for Starbucks:

The family that caffeinates together, gets zits together. Jamie Lynn looks great ... I love her hair color and cut ... she is coming along quite nicely.

Here are various pictures of Britney and Kevin that gives you an intimate look at their lifestyle:

These pictures are nice ... I like that the camera is not zoomed in 198% so that you can see the pores on their faces. Spederline, y'all ... love 'em or leave 'em!


I was a wee bit disappointed by last night's episode of Lost ... While I am glad that they are introducing a new character (Leslie the high school teacher) I felt that last night's episode was short on the excitement ... that said, it did offer some new information:

We did get to see the black smoke that Danielle (the crazy French lady) warned them about ... and we also got to hear "the monster" (which, to me, sounded very mechanical -- it never sounded like a machine before) ... and we got to see what The Black Rock really was ... but the clip-show quality of showing little bits of backstory on most of the main characters felt a bit rushed. I was very happy that Sawyer told Jack that his father loved him. That was a nice and tender moment ... it's too bad they didn't kiss. I suppose they are really gearing up for next week's 2-hours season finale ... I'm sure they are going to pull out all of the stops.


Yay! I didn't watch all of America's Next Top Model this season but I am so glad that Naima turned out to be the winner:

Hellz yeah! Detroit is in the hizzy!!! Represent!!! I totally thought she was the cutest and the nicest ... Maybe I'll have to grow out my hair to look like that ... I wonder if I could pull it off? Anyways ... Congratulations to Naima for becoming America's Next Top Model ... who is bound to disappear just like the 3 America's Last Top Models.

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie joined forces and went out in search of sustenance:

Surely the secret to Hollywood "It" girl success is found in the magical elixir that is known as the frappicino. I think I'm going about attaining fame and fortune all the wrong way ... Starbucks ... it must be all about the Starbucks. It helps you lose weight (a lot of weight), it helps you get your own TV show, it helps you sell more copies of your sex tape ... I need to drink more Starbucks, damnit!

BTW, this blog is not brought you by the makers of Starbucks.

Paris Hilton hit the runway yesterday after a long day of shopping:

Of course, to her, the runway is the 10 feet of sidewalk between the store she's shopping in and her limo. Work it girl ... I'd do the exact same thing if I were in your position. I can't hate, only congratulate.

Here are some of the hot Brad Pitt pix from his GQ cover shoot:

He looks damn good for being 40-whatever ... Angelina Jolie is a very lucky woman.

Ashlee Simpson's pooch Blondie has gotten huge:

That dog used to be so cute when it was a puppy ... now it just looks like a shaggy dog. I still hate Ashlee's hair ...

David Boreanaz has pretty big man boobs:

Not that I'm complaining or anything like that ... he is showing up everywhere lately ... I hope his new series is successful, it's good to see David Boreanaz around town again.

Sarah Michelle Geallar and Freddie Prinze, Jr., much like David Boreanaz, have come out of the woodwork and are popping up all over town:

It's good to see SMG out and about (I'm still lovin' the darker hair color) even if they seem a bit cold and distant in these pictures ... Freddie I could do without but, whatevs ... I'll support her husband. He's got a new show coming out this fall ... we'll see how well it does.

Heidi Klum is hugo-mungus:

She looks ready to deliver that baby at any minute ... and what is up with her 3rd leg? That picture strikes me as being strange.

The Olsen Twins are just so funny to look at:

They always have the same pouty look whenever they have their picture taken ... as if they are surprised and annoyed that someone would jump in their faces to take pictures ... as if that very thing hasn't been happening for the past 10 YEARS! I have to give them props for fearlessly wearing the outfits and accessories they like to wear ... they look ridiculous ... but unique.

And finally, here is Mariah Carey, Usher and Jermaine Dupri at the ASCAP Awards:

Just because Mariah likes to show off her boobs ... enjoy!

And now, the news:
So last night was so fun ... but very long. After work I went out to get my haircut and then I had to get food and then get over to Sarah's house to watch Lost. After a few pre-Star Wars preparations we made our way to the movie theater:

We got there 2 hours early and found that a whole lot of people got there way before we did ... thankfully they let us into the theaters to wait. VLB met up with us and it was time for Revenge of the Sith:

I liked it ... I thought it was a visually stunning movie to watch ... my problem with it was that there is so much information that they have to give the audience that stuff kept happening and kept moving along very quickly. Anakin Skywalker turned to the Darkside pretty quickly I felt ... I'm not going to give anything away ... you have to see it for yourself. One thing to look out for -- my favorite part of the movie was when Darth Vader screams:


We had fun ... even tho my dear Sarah slept thru 80% of the movie we all had a lot of fun. Don't listen to what anyone thinks about the film (well, okay, you can listen to Thigh Master and his opinion of the movie, but only because the man is a freaking genius) ... go see it and judge it for yourself. It's the last Star Wars movie ... you gotta see it.

There is talk of a super cool dance party tonight ... I might have to make a cameo. Deets to come if I do ... and I'm out.