Friday, May 20, 2005

In Briefs

Britney Spears was in the mood to get her spiritualness on ... so she got all gussied up and headed on down to her friendly neighborhood Kabbalah Center:

And what does a pop diva do after she spends some time sipping Kabbalah water and communing with YEWEH? Why, she heads on down to Quizno's for a toasted sandwich. It's all in a day's work for our darling Britney.

Have you seen the hottest picture to hit the Internets today?

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm ... it don't get much better than a sexy dude in his underwear. Let me be the first to say GRO-OSS! I'm sure this is meant to be some sort of punishment for Saddam Hussein but do we all need to suffer along with him? The US government is condemning the release of the photographs ... um, yeah right. I love that GWB is "promising a probe into Saddam's underwear ..." LOL!


HOLD THE DAMN PHONE ... I love the Thigh Master but I think he has gone too far this time ... the following picture is from his website and IS NOT PINK APPROVED, I repeat, IS NOT PINK APPROVED:

... well, okay ... maybe it's a little lot Pink approved seeing that he is using a picture of 24's Richard Heller cum The OC's Trey Atwood Logan Marshall Green ... and because I <3 Thigh Master (and his man boobs) so much. I don't watch The OC (travesty, I know, but seriously ... I already watch too many things) but from what I understand via Thighs, Trey got popped in the season finale ... so Peace the Spork Out to him. Things aren't much better for Logan's character on 24, Richard Heller, either:

His homosexual liaison with a terrorist might result in a nuclear explosion on US soil. I really think his dad on the show, Secretary of State James Heller (played by William Devane) is gonna be really mad at him. How's that for sucky? So, he might be Peace-ing the Spork Out on 2 TV shows this week ... it's a good thing he's got his good looks to fall back on:

And a man's shoulder to cry on. [via and]

AHHHH ... here are more pictures of The SkeletwinsTM, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie ... in this episode the dynamic duo go out in search of food ... again:

It doesn't look like they were successful in actually eating anything. Nicole Richie decided to try again, this time with Hotty McHotster Jake Gyllenhaal:

I see a lot of huggin' and some smokin' but not a lot of eatin'. Oh well ... maybe Nicole will actually ingest something next time. [via]

Jennifer Lopez decided to take her girls out for a night on the town:

Her bazoombas are in full effect ... but the real star of the evening is her massive booty:

Daaaaammmmmnnnnnn. Homegirl still got the junk in the trunk. You go girl ... work that ass! Holla!

Jesse Metcalfe ... lord ... where do I begin ... now you know I'm not one to focus on stereotypes (much) ... and you know I'm not one to start rumors (much) ... but you look at this picture and you tell me that Jesse is not trying to tell the world something:

Star tattoos are hot, I'll have to admit that ... but I think the jewelry is a bit much ... and will you please get a load of his pose ... I mean, I'm not saying anything if you know what I'm saying ... [via]

While the hottest Hollywood "It" girls are slimming down to dangerous proportions it seems like the washed-up Hollywood "It" guys are porking out to massive proportions:

Chris Kirkpatrick ... what the hell is going on? I thought Joey Fat-one was supposed to be the Fat One? Just because you're not on MTV anymore does not mean you can eat thru your millions ... Yikes!

Here are some pictures of Sharon Stone and the baby she just bought adopted:

Did she really name the kid Laird Vonne? The poor kid ... I just know that the kids in school are going to call him Von Lard-ass. Poor thing ...


Ye gods ... they look really terrifying ... Ashley not quite so much but just look at Mary-Kate ... she looks like a plastic ALIEN MONSTER THAT HAS INFILTRATED EARTH TO EAT OUR SOULS!!! I'm gonna have nightmares ... for sure ...

Colin Farrell is still sportin' his long hair:

And I still kinda don't mind.

What is Jessica Simpson hiding from the cameras?

Hahahaha! I like pictures like this much better than pictures of celebs with video cameras. Oh Jess, we love you!

We also love Alyson Hannigan:

I'm so glad that her show got picked up for the fall season ... it will be nice to see her on TV on a regular basis again.

Whoa ... it looks like Xtina Aguilera got a little too excited or something:

Who do you think had to clean up her mess? [thanks Ghostie]

Lisa Marie Presley is a screamer:

... and a hearty performer.

Aww, Avril Lavigne has a nice senior picture:

I really like the way that Olan Mills used the light to bring out her eyes.

Michelle Pfeiffer is the new face of Armani:

She still looks amazingly flawless ... talk about your hot mamas!

Batman drinks milk everyday to make his bones strong enough to fight super villains:

Don't you think he would have used antibacterial Batwipes to clean his face before going out to do some crime fighting?

Here is one more picture of America's Next Top Model Naima from Detroit:

LOL ... I love how Tyra Banks had to get all in her picture ... like she's saying "Don't forget about me! It's my show, you know!"

And finally, click HERE to play a fun What's That Song? game ... you can use many different artists' music ... I played with Kylie Minogue:

And I totally ruled!

Les News:
Last night was so fun ... Kirsten and I went to OSLO for the We R DJ dance party:

It was so fun ... they encouraged people to bring their own records and they would spin their song ... I didn't know this ahead of time or I would have brought something. Nonetheless we got to dance to Morrissey, The Smiths, JJ Fad, Berlin, Michael Jackson, Prince and more. It was way fun.

Tonight I'm hanging out with Kirsten and Mike for dinner (K-Dawg is cookin') and then we're going to see M.I.A. at the Majestic Theater:

I know a very cool person is coming to town for the concert and I hope to get to meet up with him at the show. I'll try to take pictures ... Woot!

I'm out.

PS: Dana posted THIS fun quiz on her site, I took it and got the obvious result:

Which Celebrity It Girl are You?

Your Results: Britney
You are Britney Spears. You have had quite the life for such a young person. But whatever you have done in the past, you have an amazingly important future coming up. Glad to see that you are relaxing and making the proper changes in your life! Definitly a future MILF.

Post your results in the comments!