Saturday, May 21, 2005

Galang Galang Galang

Don't you just look at the luck that some people, like Kevin Federline, have and just want to puke?

I know I do.

Okay ... Mariah Carey needs to figure out how to wear bras ...

Because when you buy the biggest boobs they tend to not want to stay inside teeny, tiny dresses like the ones Mariah wears. Whoops! [via]

Or you could just be like Victoria Beckham and not worry at all about having wardrobe malfunctions:

Wearing see-thru clothing resolves issues of the nip slip.

Someone needs to sedate Paula Abdul, she is getting out of control:

The woman is operating as if she were in heat ... someone, hose her down!

Angelina Jolie is still friends with her ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller. Here are pictures of the 2 hanging out in London:

Johnny looks pretty scary ... fortunately he's grown out that freak-ass beard for a theater role that he is playing. It's too bad all that cuteness has to be hidden under that ratty hair.

Denise Richards is due to give birth on June 5th:

... that is, if she doesn't explode first.

Whoa ... Gwyneth Paltrow got really ugly really fast!

Actually, this is not Gwyneth with little baby Apple ... it must be her hideous nanny or something. Oi! What a way to freak out the kid.

Yay! A Reese Witherspoon sighting!! Here is Reese (sans hubby Ryan Phillipe) with Ava and Deacon on their way to/from church:

Man, she does a lot of churchin' ... I wonder if her prayers are being answered? Well, I don't see Ryan around so I'm gonna go with no, they're not.

Brittany Murphy has very skinny legs and she loves to cross her legs like this in photoshoots:

Which is extremely ironic, don't you think?

Keanu Reeves has himself a new woman:

She looks a bit old ... expect the 2 to fly off to some remote island for a weekend and then come back married.

Andre Agassi ... wow ... he's really aged, hasn't he?

The baby is cute ... now ... but with Andre's balding genes and mother Steffi Graff's ugly genes ... well, the future does not bode well for the child.

Ashlee Simpson looks like she's bummin' around:

I have to say that her hair looks much better underneath that hat. She should wear it often.

Geeze, now it seems that David Boreanaz will not go away ...

... I keed, I keed ... it's good to see David out in the public eye again ... he's been dormant for a long time.

Tommy Lee and Tara Reid ... eating ...

... it makes me want to lose my lunch. Ew.

Finally, here are some pictures from the filming of the movie Rent:

It looks like they are filming the La Vie Boheme number ... I'm so glad that Justin Timberlake was not cast as Roger in this movie. I can't wait til it comes out ... I love Rent.

The news:
Last night was so fucking kickass ... I can't even tell you properly ... but I'm gonna try. I met up with Kirsten for dinner -- she made an amazing chicken with artichoke dish. I wanted to lick the plate ... it was that good. Mike met up with us and then we went to The Majestic to see M.I.A.:

These pictures are courtesy of Brad. He brought a camera and I did not. It doesn't matter what I say about the show, it won't do it justice. She was so damn good ... beyond awesome. The music was so fun ... I've never seen that many people dancing at a concert before. She was completely thrilling ... if you get a chance to see her (she's opening up for LCD Soundsystem) you SIMPLY MUST check her out ... you won't be sorry. I have been listening to her album nonstop ... amazing!

Brad and his friends came all the way from Cleveland for the show and I got to hang out with them for a bit. It was so nice to see him ... we kinda go back a few years so it's always nice to see him whenever we get the chance to meet-up.

I have to give a shout out to Aaron, Lauren and their friends ... they were extremely cool to meet ... I'm so glad they came over to say Hey. My D-Town peeps REPRESENT, y'all!!!

Anyways ... after LCD Soundsytem finished up their set, THE ENTIRE crowd went over to OSLO for the after danceparty ... we beat the crowd and got there first. OMG ... I love that place ... it's the perfect venue for dancing and drinking. I'm not sure who DJed but he was damn good ... there was some Britney, y'all! Kirsten, Mike and I had so much fun! It was a very late night ... I don't even know what time I crawled into bed ...

Sorry for the lateness of post ... Later!