Sunday, May 22, 2005

With Feeling, Once More

Yeah, Kevin Federline really just makes me want to barf sometimes:

This Ferrari is so beautiful ... and he is so not ... BOOOO!!!

Hey, check out The Olsen Twins-like creatures ... why are they hiding their faces?

Because if you anger them they will show you their wrath:


Wow ... Jessica Simpson is actually turning into Pamela Anderson:

Those lips look enhanced ... I wonder when she is going to do the boob enhancement as well. Geeze ... can you imagine if Jessica got a boob job ... she'd prolly fall over.

Nicole Richie and Adam Goldstein still look happy together:

I wonder if he actually enjoys sleeping with her ... I bet her jutting bones kinda hurt. It must be love ... or money.

Rose McGowan looks amazing in red:

I'm so glad she got classy ... she has been looking great for a few years now ... her Charmed cast-mate, Alyssa Milano, also looks great carrying around her little dog:

I will try to forget that image of Alyssa's hairy arm pits ... everyone gets to make one mistake ... ICK, but what a mistake to make.

Incidentally, tonight is the season finale of Charmed ...

Woot! I'm so happy for this season finale because it is NOT the series finale ... Charmed will be back next year! Yay!!!

Her Royal Thighness, II Elisa Cuthbert is sporting a very geometrical haircut:

But unlike Ashlee Simpson, she looks amazing! This one's for you, Thigh Master.

Drew Barrymore and her lover Fabrizio Moretti were spotted on the town:

Is he seriously wearing clam diggers, for real?! Oh Drew, you need to help the boy out. Well ... I don't know what I'm saying ... it's not like she's been wearing any winner outfits lately.

Here is a companion picture to the picture I posted yesterday of Victoria Beckham ... who knew she was so free with her boobs?

Click above for uncensored version

If she would beef up a bit (i.e. eat meals of actual food) then she would look totally amazing.

And finally, while watching the trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I really got excited for the new film:

... but it also made me nostalgic for the original version too. What do you think, will the new version surpass the old version? Which will be better, new skool or old skool?

The news:
Erik and I got to hang out with Sydne and her friend Tigger ... and we had THE BEST TIME EVER. I'm not going to go into too much detail ... it's prolly only interesting to me ... but I did find out a few things since last night:
  1. I kick ass at darts
  2. Buffytalk is the surest way to my heart
  3. People named Tigger are the coolest fucking people on earth
  4. We do not get to hang out with Sydne enough
I want to give a shoutout to Jen who I ran into in downtown Royal Oak. 'Sup girl?!

Today is my kitty-kitty Majik's birthday ... I hope to have pictures of the celebration soon. I'm out.