Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Walk This Way

Lest you think that Britney Spears is not all about health and the well-being of her child, Fetus Spears, I present to you photographic evidence that Ms. Spears is serious about staying healthy for her baby:

I'm actually quite shocked that Kevin Federline is not smoking a ton of cigarettes as he follows behind Britney as she walks. Ye gods, I just can't get enough of Spederline ... someone please help me.

Get Lost

Because many of you expressed your deep love of the beautiful hat Britney Spears was wearing in yesterday's pictures, here is a second look:

I honestly cannot imagine what goes through that woman's head as she dresses in the morning/afternoon. Yesterday, Spederline thought they would change things up a bit and go out for some coffee-like drinks:

You know ... cuz they NEVER go out for Starbucks. I just hope they don't spill those drinks in that sweet new Ferrari ... Oh who am I kidding ... the car prolly smells a little like ass by now.

If the day ever comes where I get excited to have my picture taken with Kevin Federline then I want you to promise to kick my ass:

Well ... just give me a stern talking to ... I know if I really had the opportunity to pose with the rat I would prolly do it ... if only to be that much closer to Britney.

So have you heard ... E! has reported that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson filed for divorce!!!

Then about 5 minutes later they recanted, removed the story and then posted an apology stating that the story was completely wrong. How much do you want to bet that the story author, Sarah Hall, is looking for new work today. WTF?! How can they toy with our emotions like that?!? It's a good thing I didn't swallow that cyanide pill. [via The Superficial]

Renée Zellweger received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday:

She, unlike someone like Ryan Seacrest, is someone who kind of deserves her own star. Good for her ... what isn't good for her is what her new husband, Kenny Chesney, looks like in broad daylight:

It's like his cowboy hat is his super power ... without it he is just a mild-mannered geeky old man! I will never EVER make fun of him when he wears his cowboy hat ... if only because I never EVER want to see his bald, wrinkly head again.

Are you pumped for tonight's American Idol?

I *so* am not ... I would like Carrie Underwood to win because she is cute ... but I don't like country music and that is her thing ... I really don't like Bo Bice and his "rock" sound either ... Well ... by this time tomorrow we will have a new Kelly Clarkson or Justin Guarini:

Tell me again why people even want to be on American Idol.

I don't care what anyone says:

Phil Spector is completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

You simply must check out Gallery of the Absurd to see awesome pictures like this:

The site is awesome ... it is so going on my Hot Blogs list.

Aww ... Liv Tyler and her new baby Milo are so cute:

She looks great ... and that baby is so damn cute!

Whoa Gwen, that's too much red:

I'm a firm believer that your lipstick should never match your tracksuit.

Jennifer Lopez stirred up quite a crowd while shopping in Europe recently:

The only reason so many people started following her was because Marc Anthony was not around to scare them all away.

Well look at that ... another David Boreanaz sighting:

Homeboy has been out every night this past week ... his shoes are terrible and he's getting a little large ... but it's good to see him on the scene again.

Mandy Moore is sizzlin' in this picture from Esquire magazine:

What a hot pic.

To make up for the naked picture of Jack Osbourne yesterday, here is a picture of a clothed Jack Osbourne today:

I'm really sorry for doing that to you guys yesterday ... it will happen again.

And finally, here is picture of Madonna from a couple of days ago:

There are reports that she has named her next album Defying Gravity. I hate that name. The new album, sucky name or not, is set for release in January 2006.

It's newstime:
Last night a bunch of us went over to help VLB move into her new condo ... and OMG did she hit the jackpot. The place is HUGE and full of great stuff (furniture, appliances). I can't wait for all the parties that she will be hosting in the (hopefully) near future.

Tonight is the season finale of Lost ... don't forget!!!