Tuesday, May 31, 2005

2 Become 1

Y'all know that I really love Britney Spears ... but there is just one thing I can't abide by:

... well, two things I can't abide by ... EW! Even I have to say it ... YUCK!

The big news of the day is that Paris2 got engaged:

People magazine broke the news first, the report states that Paris (male) proposed to Paris (female) last Wednesday after she returned home from Europe. Wow, a new hairdo and a new engagement ... and it's only Tuesday!

But it's not all good news for Ms. Hilton ... while out shopping this weekend she decided to take both of her doggies (Tinkerbell and Bambi) out for some fresh air:

and even though she tried to keep her eye on the parking meter she ended up getting a ticket anyways:

That sucks! Don't you just hate the way a $15 parking ticket can totally ruin your day?

One last bit of Paris news, here are some pictures from a scene of Paris' new movie:

Yeah, Paris Hilton + flying Sea man ... the joke kinda writes itself, don't it?

Whoa ... why is Demi Moore holding her purse in front of her stomach like that?

It looks like she's hiding something ... I wonder what she's hiding?

Good Plastic Surgery has some great pictures comparing the Lindsay Lohan of 2004 with the Lindsay Lohan of 2005:

Wow ... I miss the old L. Lo. Another day ... another protruding bone.

Here are a couple pictures of the Beckham boys:

Baby Cruz looks so big already ... those kids are going to be gorgeous and rich beyond belief. And suddenly, I'm sickened.

Colin Farrell is a cute dad:

But he really needs to not smoke around his son James. I think I heard that kids don't like brushing ash and smoke from their tiny little eyes.

I have never heard of the movie Equilibrium which, apparently, starred Christian Bale ... but I think I'm sorry I missed it:

He looks great. His last movie, The Machinist, comes out on DVD next week.

Does Elisha Cuthbert ever close her mouth?

Now I see why the Thigh Master loves her so.

Whoa, Sienna Miller really knows how to flip out:

She looks like the Bionic Woman springing into action ... I wonder what her deal was?

Jake Gyllenhaal has grown back all of his hair:

I like him with hair ... but I think I like him with a shaved head more.

Contrary to popular belief, Ashley Olsen does eat:

There are a lot of nutrients and vitamins in one french fry.

And finally, Landon from The Real World: Philadelphia has followed in CT (The Real World: Paris) and other Real World/Road Rules former castmembers' footsteps by becoming a model. Here are some pictures from the Wax Brand website:

It was wise of them to hide his missing finger. I also like how they are using sexual ambiguity to sell underwear. He looks pretty chummy with that dude. [via ONTD!]

Les news:
Tonight a few of us are going to see Ben and Sam play a tiny show at Club Bart:

I'm not sure what they are going to play but I am really looking forward to seeing them perform.

I ended up staying home from work today ... I wasn't quite ready to get back to work just yet. I'm going to just hang out today ...