Saturday, June 04, 2005

Vodka & Red Bull Gives You ... Bad Mornings

The jury in the Michael Jackson molestation trial deliberated for about 2 hours yesterday afternoon before recessing for the day ... they could come back with a verdict at any time now. But the really important thing to discuss is way that Janet Jackson looked when she showed up at court to support her brother yesterday:

Um, Janet has been packin' on the lbs. She still looks good but you can tell that she is getting big. Is it wrong to say that she is starting to look like one of the Klumps?

Everyone is talking about how amazing Jessica Simpson looks in her new video These Boots are Made for Walking ... and while I will not deny that she looks absolutely killer I do feel it is my duty to point out one tiny little thing:

Er ... what is going on in there? Do we even want to know?

Yay! They are coming out with a David Beckham toy:

It looks fun to play with ... but I think I might prefer the real thing:

Oh c'mon, you know you would love to play with his ball too.

Who knew Andy Dick had a son?

Yeah, I feel bad for the kid ... can you imagine having a Dick for a dad?

Ashanti ... hahahaha ... I don't even know what to say ...

... she needs to take that wig back and get her $20 back ... it's SOOOO horrible!!!

Mischa Barton and Brandon Davis are still goin' strong:

... in case you were wondering.

Madonna, born and raised in the 'burbs of Detroit, Michigan has finally completed her transformation into a British person:

The top hat alone isn't what did it ... the monocle put her over the top. Cheers!

Gale Harold, the star of Queer as Folk, is still lookin' pretty hot these days:

He looks very much like Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters (who is also HOT). Queer as Folk is in the midst of its 5th and final season on Showtime.

Ryan Seacrest is such a tool:

Does he irritate anyone else? Or is it just me?

Here is a picture of Renée Zellweger and Russell Crowe at the premiere of their movie Cinderella Man:

She looks really botoxed to death. Her face looks like it's pumped full of collagen. Married life must be agreeing with her.

And back by popular demand, here are a couple pictures of Landon from The Real World:Philadelphiaa and his MISSING FINGER:

I posted these pictures a few months ago but some people have been asking for a respost ... so here you go ... you asked for them.

The news:
Ugh ... last night was fun ... but long ... here are a few things I learned from last night's activities:
  1. Don't count on Sarah to help you eat massive amounts of sushi.
  2. Don't wear flip flops to a dance club.
  3. Don't be afraid to talk to Drag Queens. They are your friends.
  4. Don't forget to keep your car stocked with napkins. They are an adequate substitute for toilet paper (right Sarah?).
  5. Don't forget to pay attention to where you are going while driving home in the middle of night, otherwise you might end up an hour north of where you're supposed to be.

I'm still feeling the effects of last night's fun ... it's not fun anymore ...

I have kickball practice later on this afternoon ... Here's hoping I don't die.