Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Pitt?

Hollywood is in full swing ... with all the summer movie premieres happening all at around the same time ... well, you can tell that the summer blockbuster movie season is upon us. First up, the premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did their best to not be photographed together, or at least pose together, but they weren't very successful. This is the beginning of the beginning of those 2. I predict that they will, indeed, become more public about their relationship together.

Angelina looked wickedly good, if I do say so myself:

She is beautiful but she looks a bit evil ... this is a woman in charge who gets what she wants. If she wants a relationship with Brad, it will happen.

Lindsay Lohan was also on hand at the Mr. & Mrs. Smith premiere:

Fortunately she wasn't bleeding from any of her orifices ... well, that we're aware of.

Here are some pictures of Brad Pitt on his motorcycle:

I think he looks better on a hog than Tom Cruise does. I really don't think we'll see Brad driving Angelina on the back of his cycle (a la TomKat) ... if anything, she'll be driving him on a motorcycle of her own.

Elsewhere in Hollywood recently, other stars attended the premiere of Batman Begins -- yesterday we saw the TomKat pictures, today we get Batman himself:

Christian Bale looks great! He's such a nice looking man ... I can't wait to see this movie. Dominic Monaghan also attended the premiere ... and check him out ... he shaved AND combed his hair:

I don't like it ... I like him scruffy and scrubby looking. That's the way hobbits should be.

Awww, check out these cute pictures of Hilary Duff and Joel Madden:

The couple that shops together, stays together. They look so cute together ... but I wonder who walked into the store that made Hilary make that face ... was it Lindsay?

Jessica Simpson likes to wear house slippers in public:

... which I suppose is better than walking around barefoot.

Besides, Jessica's slippers look nicer than anything Mary-Kate Olsen wears:

Have you really looked at what this girl actually wears? I can't get over the jeans ... they look so crappy. She is a complete mess. What the hell makes her think that these things look stylish? HORRIBLE!!!

On the other hand, Xtina Aguilera continues to surprise me:

I'm not totally feeling the hairweave (she never really seems to get the hair right) but over all, I think she looks pretty good.

Here are some pictures of Nicole Richie:

... carrying a purse that probably weighs more than she does. What the hell can she possibly carry in a bag that big? Maybe it's full of secrets.

Here are pictures of Paris Hilton in a pants suit:

Let's hope it's the last time we'll have to see such an atrocity.

Jennifer Lopez still likes to workout in her downtime:

Shoot, if I was as rich as she is I'd have someone do all my working out for me.

Wow, how long as it been since we've seen pictures of Tara Reid?

It's nice of her to pop up again ... too bad she didn't wear little pony tails to match the dog. That would have been so cute ... it a white-trashy sort of way.

And finally, here are pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mandy Moore at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards:

Apparently the dress code was fuglish chic.

And now, the news:
Erik and I purchased a few art pieces recently and last night was the time to pick them up. Together we spent about $400 on about 7 different pieces. I will try and post some pictures of the artwork when we get them up on the walls. We commissioned a painting of the 2 of us and it looks stunning! I can't wait for everyone to see it. I'll post a picture of it soon.

I finished watching the second season of 24 last night/this morning:

I am tearing through the episodes as quickly as I can -- the show is that intense. I'm going to begin season 3 and hopefully I'll be done with it by this weekend ... then I'll be all caught up.

Just a note about postings ... I am beginning to operate on summer hours ... that means that I will be staying up late and sleeping in late as well. I usually shoot for early afternoon posting times (1pm to 2pm). Thanks again for all the awesome emails and messages you guys are sending ... it means a lot to me.