Saturday, June 11, 2005

Andy, You're A Star

After reporting that Kevin Federline broke his brand new Ferrari I got a few emails letting me know that the engine on that car is in the trunk and probably wasn't really broken. I contend that the car is broken ... because now Kevin is back to riding last year's toy:

Why would Kevin be riding his motorcycle if his brand new Ferrari wasn't in the shop? I prefer seeing K-Fed on the bike ... it makes him look so foolish.

Here is a picture of Britney Spears sportin' her new 5.5 carat diamond ring:

It's a nice ring ... seeing that it was probably paid for with her own money. C'mon, she paid for her own wedding ring ... it's easy to believe that she footed the bill for this ring too.

Andy Roddick ... you must be careful where you sit ... all those cameras ... something's bound to slip out:

Click above to see uncensored picture (NSFW)

Fleshbot uncovered this picture of Andy Roddick and his little RodDICK peeking out of his shorts. Not sure how real it is (it could be fake) but it's fun to check out nonetheless. Enjoy!

Check out the Duffs! Haylie and Hilary Duff were photographed on their way to an event:

... and then were photographed at the event itself. I <3 Joel Madden. You can tell he really cares for Hilary ... he carries her purse for her ... that's devotion, y'all. Check out how hot Hilary's legs are:

The shoes totally rock. Hil D. is my girl!

The Olsen Twins, who hate being photographed, were out and about again ... getting photographed:

Mary Kate apparently only owns one pair of jeans ... perhaps she did buy them from a homeless woman.

Whoa ... Carson Daly is getting skinnier and skinnier:

He looks really thin. I'll have to be checking the corners of his mouth to determine if he's really on the diet Coke diet.

Xtina Aguilera bought herself some new hair:

The hair actually looks alright ... her overused, overred lipstick has GOT TO GO already. It makes her look even more pasty than usual.

Bennifer 2.0 are still going strong:

It's nice that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner get so cuddly whenever they are out in public. I can't wait until they formerly announce their pregnancy.

Check out these pictures of Tom Cruise and Jada Pinkett Smith:

Tom and Jada were together a lot while they were promoting their movie Collateral Damage last year. Check out their chemistry ... it's more believable than the "chemistry" shared by TomKat. I wonder if Tom just felt more at ease since Jada was already married ... and there was no chance of a sexual encounter? Interesting ...

And finally, check out some of these David Beckham outtakes from his 2002 GQ photospread:

Personally, I think these are hotter than the actual pictures that were used in the magazine. I love his hair ... he's got great style.

Let's do the news:
I am happy to report that Phil Collins DEVASTATED the opposing kickball team (Muppets Take Kickball) in the double-header we played last night. In the first game we were down by 6 runs and came back with a stunning 13 to 8 victory. In the second game we won by mercy beating the team 14 to 3. We totally dominated ... once we woke up in that first game. Our new players did amazingly well and us veterans really held our own. I scored twice in the first game and once in the second game. Holla!

Today is booked solid ... baby shower for most of the day, bar-b-q (party, soiree) most of the evening, maybe the Dorkwave dance party most of the night/early morning:

It should be a hoot. Lots to do so I gots ta fly. Have a great Saturday, y'all!!