Sunday, June 12, 2005

Makin' Up Is Hard To Do?

Hmmm ... I really liked Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst as a couple ... it seems that they like themselves as a couple too:

I can never figure out these 2 ... they're together, then they break up, then they get back together ... then they break up again. Now they seem to be together again ... okay, not necessarily, but they are hanging out again and that's a good sign of reconciliation. Here's hoping ... I really like Jake and Kirsten together.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie flew TOGETHER down to Mexico to do promotion for their new movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith:

As soon as they landed they split apart, kept their distance and traveled by separate cars. C'mon guys ... out with it already. Either you're together or you're not ... just tell us so we can move on already.

Hilary Duff, taking a page from Madonna's playbook, spent some time reading to some kids:

Although, by the look of it she seemed a little bit overwhelmed. It's cool Hil, if you don't want to do it get Haylie to do it for you ... oh wait, reading is involved ... nevermind.

Wow ... there actually is a third Olsen sister. No seriously ... a third sister:

Lizzie Olsen is younger than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ... and is apparently ginormous! I wonder if she's the normal sister ... you know, the one who eats and dresses like a real person. I'm going to have to keep my eye on her.

It's been a few days ... but the SkeletwinsTM, after spending some time apart, have reunited to do some shopping:

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie must call each other to coordinate their outfits. They look terrible but that's why I love it so much. I'd prefer that they eat but I do hope they keep dressing alike.

Claire Danes showed up at a recent function wearing this thing:

While normally it's not a terrible dress (per se) it does look particularly bad on Ms. Danes. Paging the Go Fug Yourself girls.

Oh Debbie Gibson ...

The years have not been kind to you. Honey, do not allow yourself to be photographed without having the pictures heavily airbrushed. Thank you.

Natalie Portman, sporting her new shaved 'do, was photographed on the set of her new film V for Vendetta:

I do not like a bald Natalie Portman but I like her cute pink hat.

Kim Stewart is, apparently, still dating her ex-step mother's ex-boyfriend Wes Scantlin:

And she is still grody to the extreme. Wes, you once dated the totally hot Rachel Hunter and now you're dating her ugly step-daughter? Have you no shame?

Here are more pictures of the new and improved Jack Osbourne:

Kudos Jack! I think you look spectacular. Keep it up!!

Here is a picture of Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys and his little baby son:

He's so cute ... and he looks like a mini-Brian. Damnit, I am a sucker for cute babies.

Here are a few more outtake pictures of David Beckham from his 2002 GQ photoshoot:

And yes, while he has a very girly and funny sounding voice, he still takes a hot picture ... don't you agree?

Want to own your very own Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. Ad doll? Now you can:

I think they really captured the spirit of the Paris Hilton commercial ... don't you?

Here is a new picture of Landon from The Real World: Philadelphia promoting Waxbrand underwear:

Hmmm ... looks like Landon is compensating for his missing finger with an other enlarged body part.

And finally, are you ready for Saw 2?

The poster is perfect for a sequel. I loved the first film ... I am totally up for part deux. Check out the Saw 2 production blog HERE.

The news:
Yesterday was busy as hell ... we were running around all day long ... we were able to do the baby shower, the bar-b-q and the danceparty:

Just call us 24 hour party people, y'all. The shower had a lot of cute fun, the bar-b-q had a lot of hula-hooping fun and the danceparty had a lot of boogie-down fun.

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It wasn't all fun tho ... my car got a flat tire so I have to spend some of today getting that taken care of. I am hoping to see a movie tonight ... I've been doing a lot of running around ... I would like a low-stress evening of entertainment.