Monday, June 13, 2005

It's All About The Benjamins, Baby

Well, I can't say that I am surprised at all ... Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all 10 charges against him:

This is a picture of Jacko as he was leaving the courthouse ... he doesn't look too happy, does he?

Everyone has their opinion, and the jury's opinion is the only one that matters at all, but for what it's worth I do believe that he is guilty of some wrongdoing. At the very least I was hoping that he would get some sort of help for his strange behavior. Calling your baby "blanket" and waving him over a balcony is strange behavior. If these charges had been made against any "normal" (i.e. not rich) person I honestly believe they would have been convicted a long time ago.

Incidentally, I was at the mall with my parents when the verdict was handed down ... there was a TV in the middle of the courtyard and a whole slew of people were all huddled around the TV watching in disbelief:

Shock was, apparently, a lot of people's reactions.

Oh well -- this is the legal system. And we all move on ...

Gay Paris (Pronounced "Gay Pa-ree")

It was a busy weekend for Paris Hilton. She spent Friday and Saturday in Florida, here are some pictures of Paris mingling with the common folk at the airport in Miami:

No doubt Paris spent some time partying at Club Paris before flying back home to California on Sunday. Paris and her mother were the co-grand marshals of the LA Pride Parade in Hollywood:

It seems that the Hiltons didn't disappoint. The camp factor looked quite high. Where can I get one of those feather parasols?

Anna Nicole Smith was also on hand for the Pride Parade:

Ugh, I know there are some gays who love her ... but I do not. She is so gross.

In any regard, it looks like LA Pride was a smashing success. Holla atcha homos!!!

Tom Cruise is on the other side of the planet spreading his insanity:

Tommy is in Japan promoting his new movie War of the Worlds. He is *huge* in Japan and you can tell he is eating it up. Here are some pictures from a press conference:

... where Dakota Fanning terrified everyone in attendance with her scary-looking teeth. Are those braces? Are they clean? Ew ...

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes is in England promoting her new movie Batman Begins. But, hark, what strangeth man doth I see with the fair Katie?

Does Tom Cruise know about this? I do not think he would authorize any strange dudes access to Ms. Holmes ... lest his spell be broken and she escape. Actually, from what I understand any time someone asked her about Batman Begins or co-starring with Christian Bale, Katie would somehow mention Tom Cruise. It seems that his hold on her is quite strong ... even from different ends of the planet.

Last bit of TomKat news, check out Katie on the cover of You magazine:

I have to say Wow! She looks great! It's amazing how beautiful someone can look when they don't have ranging herpes festering on their lips. [via ONTD!]

MTVnews is reporting that Beyoncé Knowles has finally gotten tired of humoring Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and has decided to cut them loose:

Destiny's Child will be no more once their current tour is over. So, I guess now's your chance to see their farewell tour when it comes to your town. BUT, there are reports that news of the split are incorrect. Personally, I tend to believe MTVnews. So Peace the Spork Out D-Child. You once were Survivors, now you're just the walking dead.

Check out these kickass pictures of Lindsay Lohan from USAWeekend:

I'm not saying that the blonde hair is growing on me or anything like that ... but she does look nice in these pictures. It was wise of them to hide her jutting bones ... that would be a bit of a turn off.

Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett are still sneaking around together:

I wonder where they creepin' off to?

Boo! Ashlee Simpson's stock is totally plummeting lately:

Damnit! What is wrong with her?! It's bad enough that she chopped her hair all to hell ... even worse that she dyed it terrible colors ... and now this? These braids are practically unforgivable. Once more slip up like this and she is dead to me. I'll have to spit on her corpse. C'mon Ash, get your act together.

It's not often we get to see Lil' Kim looking classy and, dare I say, beautiful so enjoy it while you can:

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Lil' Kim is ugly by any means ... but lately she's been doing some freaky things with her make-up, hair and clothing. I like this more glam look. Keep it up Kim.

Happy Birthday goes out to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen:

Their dress may be a bit fugly and their behavior may be a bit odd (and their boyfriends may be a bit freakish) but I do like talking about the Olsen Twins. So, happy birthday girls ...

And finally, it's been a few days since I've posted any pictures of hot dudes ... so here are a couple pictures of Reichen (Lehmkuhl) Burke taken from his 2005 calendar:

Click above for full size pictures

The pictures are a bit risque ... maybe too much for work but they are definitely worth checking out if you can.

And now, the news:
Here is the painting of Erik and me that we had commissioned:

It is now hanging in our living room. Check out which is the artist's official website.

Last night I managed to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith for myself:

It was entertaining ... not nearly as spectacular as they would have you believe. I enjoyed it ... but it is not necessarily a must-see.

I also finished the third season of 24 on DVD last night:

This was the first season of 24 that I ever watched when it aired last year. I can't believe they brought Nina Meyers back ... again! I'm so glad she finally died. So now I'm all caught up with my 24ness.

Cool ... I'm out. I have a few errands to take care of. I'm out.