Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Begin Again

Okay, I know I have been a bad boy by not talking about Britney & Kevin: Chaotic since it debuted a few weeks ago ... but even I have to admit that the show, while sometimes interesting, is not that exciting to talk about ... that is, until last night's series finale. We finally got to see how the wedding of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline really went down. It was kinda of neat to see how the whole surprise wedding actually played itself out. It was the perfect wedding for those 2 ...

The other big thing about last night's episode was the world premiere of Britney's new video for her new single Someday (I Will Understand):

The video is alright I guess ... it looks a bit like there was a rush to get it done. The song is pretty ... but nothing spectacular. I have never been a fan of pop ballads (yes, even Britney ballads) but this one isn't too bad. You can download the song at

So I guess that's it ... the show is over ... I wouldn't be surprised if Spederline went underground for a long while ... maybe until the birth of Fetus Spears.

Jamie Lynn Spears has been out of sight for a couple of months now ... but I am happy to report that she resurfaced at a pediatric AIDS benefit recently:

Man, this girl looks exactly like Britney ... um, hey J-L Spears -- where is that debut album???

Michelle Trachtenberg was also on hand at the same pediatric AIDS benefit ... and she was met with a couple of friends:

Seth Green is so cool but he's not as cool as Clifford the Big Red Puppy. Michelle has got some kickass friends.

Yesterday posted links to blog reactions to the Michael Jackson verdict ... and they linked me:

I never actually said that MJ should go to prison ... I don't think I even alluded to saying that. I did say that it is my opinion that MJ should get help or counseling or something like that -- that doesn't mean a prison sentence. It's not for me to say he needs to go to prison ... the jury had their say and that's really the end of the whole matter.

I love the Maddens. Check out Benji and Joel Madden at the premiere of A Perfect Man:

These guys rule ... I'm sure Hilary Duff appreciated their support.

Whoa, Kym Whitley was also on hand at the A Perfect Man premiere:

And I'm left quite speechless ... I do like her sparkle glove tribute to Michael Jackson ... well, actually I don't really. I can't believe how much Kym looks like Jackee Harry.

After the premiere of her movie, Hilary Duff appeared on The Tonight Show:

Apparently she got a good look at Kym Whitley too.

Check out a new picture of The SkeletwinsTM after a night of partying at The Ivy:

Man ... you can count the ribs in their chest plates. I can count 4 on Nicole Richie and 3 on Lindsay Lohan. But, this skinniness has not stopped Nicole from getting new work, here she is modeling clothing for Marc Jacobs:

She looks great ... when her clothing covers up her jutting bones.

Paris2 did some partying with Kim Stewart:

Most probably because they look so much more beautiful in comparison.

America, here is your American Idol:

Carrie Underwood should be fired for wearing this atrocity! This fugly, frumpy dress makes her look pregnant ... I wonder if she is carrying Bo Bice's child?

Um, at first glance you might swear that these are pictures of Britney Spears:

But it's actually Ashlee Simpson ... perhaps she has been rummaging through Britney's laundry? The only thing that would make this look more complete would be bare feet.

Adam Brody shops like a diva, y'all:

But that lime green top is just EW. He needs to walk away from the pastel rack.

Brittany Murphy looks so nice and proper in this picture:

What a refreshing look for her ... I think she looks amazing.

Hmm, Mandy Moore looks a little miffed:

Maybe she's upset that she has to wear her brother's clothing?

Angelina Jolie took her son Maddox to see the move Madagascar:

What, he's not old enough to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith yet?

The Olsens celebrated their 19th birthday at Starbucks:

Someone please explain these 2 to me.

And finally, check out the teaser poster for X-Men 3:

I refuse to get all upset over rumors that the script for X-Men 3 "sucks" ... I love the poster ... I have every confidence that the movie will rule.

And now, the news:
So I did go see a midnight showing of Batman Begins last night/this morning ... I know that I am a sucker for hyperbole but in this case it is justified ... the movie was absolutely superb!

I am not the only one who thinks this movie is great either (Holy blockbuster, Batman is a knockout, 'Batman Begins': Good News For Batfans At Last). They did such an amazing job with the Batman origin story ... truly, fans of the Dark Knight will be very pleased with this movie. PLUS ... there is a lead in to the next Batman movie ...

Christian Bale is the best Batman to date ... period. Cillian Murphy (Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow) and Liam Neeson (Henri Ducard) were totally believable characters ... not at all over-the-top like Jim Carrey's Riddler, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze or Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face. I didn't at all mind Katie Holmes one bit. Michael Caine as Alfred just really blew me away ... his acting performance was perfect.

This movie was completely satisfying ... I am very hopeful for a new, long-lasting Batman movie franchise.

Lots to do today ... and I'm running late. I'm out.