Sunday, June 19, 2005

Who's Your Daddy?

What better way to start the Father's Day post other than by highlighting our favorite father Kevin Federline! He has managed to make our dear Britney Spears fall madly in love with him -- to the point where she married him and allowed him to impregnate her so that she will conceive his third child (that we know of). I can't think of a better "father" representative for Pink is the new Blog. Here we have some new pictures of K-Fed stopping off at the local mercantile to pick up some chips and cigarettes:

Perfect! This is the quintessential Kevin Federline that we all know and loathe love. So to all you baby daddies the world over, here is my salute to you:

Aim high ... reach for the stars ... maybe you, too, can knock up an extremely wealthy woman so that you can live a life of wealth and luxury ... for doing nothing more than spilling your seed into a womb and making a baby:

Happy Father's Day to one and all!!!

Fortunately, not all dads are gross ... here is one of the hot dads, David Beckham:

This is his new Gillette ad ... released in time for Father's Day.

While Becks has signed on to sell razors, Jennifer Love Hewitt has signed on to sell old lady panties:

Man ... she has got to be, like, 45 years old by now, right? OI! What is wrong with her? I'm sure the money that Hanes is paying her is not chump change ... but I don't know if a young actress should really be associated with old lady pantaloons. Here is another picture of J. Love at the opening of some King Tut exhibit ... or something like that ...

Er ... no wonder she can't get any work.

Since we now know that Michelle Rodriguez is joining the cast of Lost next season, I think it's time that we all start getting familiar with her:

She will be an awesome addition to the cast ... if you thought Evangeline Lily blew up then wait until Michelle debuts on the show. She'll give Evangeline a run for her money.

I really think Cloe Sevigny should stop wearing short skirts:

... or stop wearing underwear.

Check out this picture of Jesse Metcalfe from a recent People magazine photoshoot:

What is his fascination with all the jewelry? It's too gaudy, too much entirely. He just needs to lay off on the accessories and stop waxing his eyebrows so much to become totally hot ... in a manly way.

Since her brother was cleared of all criminal charges, Janet Jackson thought it would be appropriate to go out and celebrate. Here she is with her man, the bug-eyed Jermaine Dupri, at the Human Rights Campaign gala:

Unfortunately her dress was not very flattering. I think it's a bad look. What do you think?

Check out these childhood pictures of some of our favorite celebrity divas (of course our favorites do not include Kim Stewart):

Click above to see full size image

Yikes! Paris Hilton was the only pretty one. The others look ... haggard. Kim looks about the same.

And finally, while checking out DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)'s website I found this picture of his shoe collection:

Even if I could afford this many pairs of Nikeshoes, I can't imagine ever wanting to have this many at all. I don't think I would ever want to match my outfits that well ... although ... with that much money maybe I'd be willing to try.

Let's do the news:
So yesterday I surprised Erik with a trip to the IMAX theater to see Batman Begins:

He hadn't seen it yet and I wanted him to have a fun experience. It was so awesome! IMAX movies are so incredible ... you can see every detail. I noticed, for the first time, that Christian Bale has a mole on the right side of the bridge of his nose. I also noticed that Cillian Murphy missed a few spots while shaving. Fortunately, they are both still *hot*! The detail is amazing. If you live near an IMAX theater you simply must see Batman Begins there.

Okay, I have to jet ... I'm having lunch with my dad ... then putting the finishing touches on my little, tiny magazine article (details soon). I hope you all have an an awesome Father's Day. I'm out.