Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Lost Everything

I am so upset.

You have no idea how fucking upset I am.

I have lost every post that I ever posted on this blog. The archives, everything from day one is gone. Blogger deleted my entire blog on accident.

The only post left is the one I wrote this morning because I saved it to a Word document. It's gone ... all of it.

I cannot express HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW. The folks at Blogger fixed everything ... the archives are back ... everything is back to normal! Much love goes out to Naveen from Google and Robin from Blogger for saving me from an early death. I <3 you guys totally!!!

I also cannot express how much I appreciate all of your kind words, suggestions and encouragements. I was literally on the floor in despair and it was by reading all of your comments that I started to glean hope.

FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY <3 -- THANK YOU ALL so much for everything. You guys are the best and I'm going to keep doing this blog for as long as I can.

Stick 'Em Up

Thank you all for all of your suggestions and referrals for a new web host. You guys are the greatest. I have some great leads so I think that everything will be just fine. BUT, I do want to make clear that if ever goes down or is unavailable you CAN ALWAYS find the blog at Even without the splash page you can still access the blog (it might be best to bookmark this page instead of the splash page). Some people have messaged me because they were upset the blog was down for a couple of days ... the blog was never down, just the splash page. No worries ... Pink is the new Blog will always be around.

I plan on updating the blog at least minimally while I am in LA. I don't think I will have the time to write the massive daily posts as usual but I am planning on writing abbreviated posts everyday ... with updates on what I'm doing and where I might be -- and who I might run into! Maybe those of you in LA can come out and say Hi!

Okay, okay ... enough ... let's get to it ... Jamie Lynn Spears spent some quality time with mama Lynne and papa Jamie Spears:

Maybe they were out shopping for Britney? Maybe they are plotting an intervention on how to get Britney away from Kevin? Maybe they were just on their way to Starbucks. And suddenly I'm realizing that there isn't really much else to speculate about this picture.

Ahh, here are some better pictures with which to write commentary ... David and Victoria Beckham, as you know, are vacationing in St. Tropez ... and while Becks didn't go surfing, he did get wet nonetheless:

Hmm, I wonder if we can get David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Phillipe all together and then get them all wet ... and then make them wrestle ... or something ... yeah ... that would be a sweet idea.

TomKat have taken the circus to Spain in order to promote War of the Worlds:

I like how Katie Holmes is trying to do that big-sunglasses-on-small-starlets-look (a la the Olsen Twins) but has, unfortunately, chosen the ugliest sunglasses she could find. On her face, the big glasses make her look like a little kid ... it doesn't help that Tom Cruise is always leading her around by the hand ... like a little kid. They are so weird and gross.

Lindsay Lohan paid a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday and she decided to wear her prettiest collar:

Her eye looks a little wonky in that third picture ... and check out the pose in the fourth picture ... is she trying to morph into Paris Hilton?

Before L. Lo fled to New York City she spent some time by the pool ... tanning ... or whatever the hell she does by the pool:

She really shouldn't wear binknis ... they are no longer flattering on her. I think if all I consumed was diet Coke, booze and cigarettes I'd be dead by now. I wonder if she's one of the undead?

You'd be wise not to rile up a caged animal:

You never know what it might do when it decides to attack.

Here are more pictures of Bennifer 2.0 acting all lovey-dovey:

They've gotten further than the original Bennifer did ... I can't wait to see what the baby will end up looking like.

Check out these adorable pictures of Liv Tyler and baby son Milo:

They both look so cute! I <3 Liv ... she looks so happy with her baby.

Jennifer Aniston has, apparently, moved on:

Well ... moved on to a new movie ... here she is with Vince Vaughn. They look ... funny together.

Here are a couple of pictures from the Fugly Files ... here we have recent pictures of Helen Hunt and Justin Long:

My god ... when did she die? And does he know that something crawled up on his upper lip and died?

Yay! Kelly Osbourne is out of rehab and looking great!!!

She always looks so different every time she goes out ... it's good to see her out and about again.

While Prince William is busy playing polo and readying himself to become king, Prince Harry is out doing the real work ... in the military:

Harry has got it so easy ... he doesn't have the strain of having to be straight-laced ... but I think he might have a little bit of a complex ... like he has to overcompensate for being second in line for the throne. Whatevs, he looks pretty good in that uniform, y'all!

Whoa ... Xtina Aguilera needs to chill out on the make-up:

Does she look more clowny or tranny?

Hmm, Orlando Bloom has flown out to Australia to spend some time with Kate Bosworth (who is currently filming Superman Returns) just to go horseback riding:

They contend that they are "only friends" but I think they're back together.

And finally, check out this picture of Tonya from The Real World: Chicago:

That, my friends, is class personified.

And now, the news:
Ahhhhhhh ... I have so much to do before tomorrow morning! I still have to pack!!! I really gotta fly ... and get shizz done ...

But remember, I will do my very, very best to update as much as I can while I'm in LA. It is a vacation after all ... but it is also ground zero for a lot of the gossipy stuff that we all love so much ... feel free to send me messages if anything shocking happens (DO NOT GO INTO EARLY LABOR, BRIT!!!) ... but don't forget the time difference ... I'll be operating on Pacific Time.

Have a great week and weekend ... I'll still be around ... I hope!