Thursday, June 23, 2005

Smoother Than The LA Weather

This is the first of post of Pink is the new abridged Blog ... I'm actually typing this up on the airplane as we fly from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA. There are really cool mountains, Rocky ones, that are moving past the window ... it's very, very cool.

But, who cares about all of that?? Let's get to the bizznazz at hand ...

It's been quite a while since we've seen pictures of Ryan Phillipe ... and fortunately he has surfaced making a run to the pharmacy:

Hmm ... I wonder what he's got in that little bag? Any bets that it's some sort of birth control? Hey ... I'm just saying ... maybe ...

Reese Witherspoon has also surfaced ... at some sort of party:

That she attended alone. Well duh, Ryan was too busy getting her birth control pills.

Courtney Love is another one of my faves who we haven't seen much of lately. Oi! But after seeing these pictures I think we're going to hope that we don't see her again for quite a while:

Wow! She looks pretty bad ... make-up never hides acne very well. Man ... Pamela Anderson looks like a goddess standing next to Courtney. A goddess with huge plastic boobs.

And, to get in the mood of vacations at the beach, here are still more pictures of David and Victoria Beckham in St. Tropez:

He looks great ... she looks ... terrified to lose him.

OH WHAT THE HELL ... as an added bonus, here is a recent picture of David Beckham in a teeny, tiny speedo:

You're welcome!

And finally, here's a little game to tide you over until the next post ... can you guess who is the celeb flashing her PINK thong at us?

Click above to see who it is

It's not too hard to guess who the celeb is ... I'm hoping to run into this celeb while I am in LA. Wish me luck!!!

Okie ... that's it for now ... I do want to say, one more time, thank you so much to all of you who sent me messages of support yesterday when my archives were lost. I was very upset (as Erik and Sarah can confirm) to the point where I was inconsolable. I am EXTREMELY thrilled that everything was restored and that everything is back to normal again. Now I can really enjoy my vacation.

My plans for tonight are pretty loose ... the tentative plan is to just hang out during the day and then a fun dinner somewhere. I believe we are heading to The Abbey for a few drinks (yummy, yummy drinks) before we go to Tiger Heat to dance the night away. Maybe I'll get to say hello to some of you LA pinksters.

And, I'm out.

Incidentally, it is 3:30 PM local time.