Saturday, June 25, 2005

You Make Me Want To L.A. L.A.

And the fun keeps on coming here in lovely LA LA land ... I'll update the happenings at the end ... But man, oh man, did you get to watch a freaking INSANE-O Tom Cruise on The Today Show?

I was not able to watch it on TV but did get to watch the entire video of the interview HERE. OMG ... he is such a crazy freakshow! If that video isn't enough for you ... click HERE to read the funniest transcription of the interview you'll ever see -- there are even pictures! LOL!!! It's the best!

I have to give props to Matt Lauer for hanging in there with Tommy ... he did a great job keeping Tom on topic ... so that his craziness could go on for a bit ... I love how much Matt talked about Ritalin ... it just drove Tom more crazy -- Loves it!

I found out that the War of the Worlds LA premiere is this Monday ... I am going to try and show up so that I can get my own pictures of TomKat ... maybe, dare I say, even with TomKat?!? Oh, it's too much to hope for ... If anyone here in LA can get me into the fan's area near the red carpet please get a hold of me ( and I would have to love you forever! They are holding a lottery at 4:30 PM on Monday so I guess I'll just have to try my luck. Keep all your pink parts crossed!!!

Let's move on ... Joel Madden and Hilary Duff seem to not want to be seen. Here are some pictures of the duo in Toronto:

Aww ... they don't look too happy. I <3 these two.

Woah ... Soliel Moon Frye is getting huge ... she looks ready to burst:

I always say that about pregnant celebs ... but I always mean it too. She looks enormous. There are about to be a whole lotta new babies getting born real soon.

Here are some pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal at the pet store picking up a few things:

Too bad he didn't go shopping in his wet suit.

Check out these pictures of David and Victoria Beckham ... all dressed up:

They look like dolls ... especially her since she's 89% plastic anyways. Becks is wearing some suit, huh? Is purple velour the new pink?

Pamela Anderson has a hard time containing her boobs ... and her nips:

She is seriously going to poke out someone's eye with that thing.

LOL! Why do the Gotti boys have to audition people to attend their parties?

Actually, that's not a bad idea ... I think I'm going to start auditioning people before they come to my parties ... any takers?


So ... yesterday was a lot of fun. We had a yummy lunch at Fred 62 and were very delighted to see that comic Sarah Silverman was also there (we thought we saw Levar Burton but we were wrong). We finally got to hook up with Erik's friend Olivia ... she met up with us in Beverly Hills ... sadly we did not run into any celebs ... BUT those pesky paparazzi just kept hounding us:

I was able to do some shopping ... I picked up a little something for myself at Louis Vuitton. I have been wanting a wallet FOREVER and finally plunked down the big bucks and splurged. Please don't ask me how much I had to plunk down for a simple leather wallet made of brown ostrich leather with little LVs all over it. I also found these really cool Puma shoes at Bloomingdale's. Shopping in LA is so fun!

We had dinner at Koji's for some awesome Shabu Shabu.

The restaurant is at Hollywood and Highland so I was able to visit the Pink is the new Blog Mecca -- Britney Spears' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

We spent the rest of the night just hanging out ... No one was really in the mood for dancing at Pop Starz.

Today we are doing more shopping (Wee!) and will probably pick up a car so that we can spend tomorrow doing day road trips (we are going to Torrance, CA to visit Sunnydale High School again ... And we're going to find Buffy's house. We may also keep on driving and spend the afternoon in Laguna Beach -- maybe we'll run into Kristen, Steven, LC and the rest of the gang). The weather is glorious and we are having a blast!