Sunday, June 26, 2005

$hopping Til We're Dropping

Wee ... We are having fun fun fun in the sun sun sun ... I just can't get enough! Deets to come ...

Well, well, well ... check out these new photos of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Maddox looking very much like a very happy family:

I love it! They look so cute ... and Brad and Angelina are so going to get married.

Here are some recent pictures of Paris Hilton and Paris2 hanging out in Beverly Hills:

I can't believe that they were out in Beverly Hills at probably the same time we were there. It's too bad we didn't run into each other ... it would have been like 2 incredible worlds colliding:

Maybe that kind of explosion would be too much to handle?

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are also on vacation ... here they are in Hawaii:

What is that scar on her butt? Did she get ass cheek implants. Maybe I should get ass cheek implants while I'm here in LA.

Ahh ... warning ... here comes a Kimberly Stewart picture ... look away if you've just eaten something and don't want to heave into your shoes. Um, what is up with her finger?

She is trying to be cheeky by giving the paparazzi the finger (as if she doesn't love the attention) but look at how freaky that finger is ... it's like 15" long! Ew!

And finally ... I received an email from a very credible source that confirms that Jennifer Garner is in her second trimester of pregnancy ... so what trimester do you think that Demi Moore is in?

It appears that she is getting a tummy ... and she is always trying to hide it with her large purses ... reminds me of Jennifer Garner a couple of months ago ... Hmm ...


Oh man ... shopping is going to be the death of me ... shoe shopping is EVIL ... and fun fun fun! It is so sunny here ... like all the time:

We picked up our rental car yesterday ... a shiny, blue PT Cruiser. LOL ... it's so funny ... we're tooling around LA in fucking PT Cruiser ... how gauche can you get?! Anyways, we had a delish lunch at the Bright Spot:

We *loved* the waitress at the Bright Spot ... she was the cutest little, tiny, old lady ever ...

Then came the shopping ... we hit the funnest little shops in Echo Park ... I picked up some kickass t-shirts at Han Cholo and took a fun picture in front of Le Pink:

Fabulous, no? Erik bought a ton of things ... I got a ton of things ... it was very fun.

We spent the evening hanging out in Pasadena ... doing more shopping and planning our day trip for today. We had the BEST DINNER EVER at Pho Cafe:

And we took the best pictures ever ... Seriously, if you are looking for an inexpensive but extremely delicious meal you have to get your booty to Pho Cafe.

Okay, I'm out ... we are going to load up the car and hit the road ... first up Torrance (for Buffyness) and then Laguna Beach -- The real OC (for Kristen, LC and LOness). I hope to come back with awesome pictures. I hope you are having a fun weekend ... No matter where you are.