Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pink's Is The New Dawg

The last day was so fun ... we were able to finally catch a "celeb" in their natural surroundings (shopping on Robertson) ... and we rollerskated ... but those deets will come a bit later ...

Aww, how cute is this ... Bow Wow and Kevin Federline are playing together:

It was nice of their moms to let them have a playdate.

Ashley Olsen looks entirely too happy to be shopping at Fred Segal in Santa Monica:

I'm glad that shopping doesn't make me feel suicidal.

Lindsay Lohan has donned the bikini again:

... and yet, she never actually gets a real tan.

Nicole Richie used to have boobs and then she stopped eating ...

... and now she has nothing. I can't believe that I have bigger boobs than Nicole Richie.

LOL ... Katie Holmes' boobs look totally deflated:

I wonder what happened ... her boobies look so sad. [thanks Autumn]

Check out these pictures of a NOT PREGNANT Paris Hilton:

The wind going up her dress does make it look like she's carrying a load of baby Hilton, don't it?

Bennifer 2.0 have decided that what they really want to do is direct:

Filming the paparazzi is so passé already.

Here is Mischa Barton getting into her car:

Ooooh exciting!

Ryan Seacrest has come up with his own line of clothing, here he is wearing one of his shirts:

Um ... who would wear this stuff? Why?

Like the smell of Cumming? Now you can smell like Cumming all the time:

Can I never see Alan Cumming's arm pit hair ever again? Thanks.

AWWW, Denise Richards and Lola Rose are so cute:

It's too bad she's not back with Charlie Sheen. It'd be nice to see the family reunited.

And finally, here is another picture of Jonathan Lipnicki from the premiere of War of the Worlds wearing that kickass Detroit Tigers shirt:

Did I mention what a cool kid he is?


YES! Finally ... I had a real celebrity sighting just like I've always wanted. The premiere of War of the Worlds was very cool ... but celebrity stalking where the paparazzi are swarming around a celeb is so fun! We spent the day on Robertson hoping to run into Paris Hilton ... and we ended up getting Nicky Hilton instead. As soon as we got there we grabbed some Starbucks (obvs)... and then Nicky Hilton came out of The Ivy and then went shopping at Kitson:

We were in Kitson with her ... They closed the store and we spent a good 25 minutes shopping with Nicky Hilton. It was very cool ... If I can find the actual paparazzi pictures I'm sure to be in some of them ... I hope I can find them!!!

WHEW! Those paparazzi can be pesky ... they kept hounding us too:

It's so hard being famous. We had such a blast ... it was the perfect way to end this fantabulous trip.

I was told to pay a visit to Pink's hot dog stand so I did:

It was so amazing! Adriana and I shared a delicious dog ... it was great.

We spent the last hours of our last night rollerskating at the Moonlight Rollerway. We had so much fun ...

Skating was very fun ... check out these awesome posed pix:

And with that ... our super-fabuloso trip is totally dunzo ... posting should be back to normal starting tomorrow ... Peace out LA ... I <3 U totally and I can't wait to come back.


PS: I did not get to watch The Insider yesterday ... if anyone can get me a copy of the show I would be eternally grateful. If anyone can send screencaps, that would be aweseome as well. I would like to see myself on TV.