Sunday, July 03, 2005


Ahhhh ... I swear I didn't do it again ... I really didn't forget Lindsay's birthday yesterday ... er, but today I may have forgotten to mention that it was Tom Cruise's birthday. EEP! Please don't tell him ... I don't want to get exiled to the Mothership and taken back to planet XENONX. Anyways ... Happy 43rd Birthday goes out to our favorite Scientologist, Tom Cruise:

While his earth body is a mere 43 years old, I understand his alien spirit is only 2,789 earth years old. He's a mere babe in the woods ... well, babe in the galaxy or universe or whatever ...

Damn ... before I forget again ... is anyone celebrating a birthday tomorrow?

Hunger Pains

So did everyone watch hours upon hours of Live 8 coverage yesterday? Yeah, I didn't ... it wasn't because I didn't want to, it was just that I was out all day long. But, I understand there were some great performances (and celebrity appearances) at the concerts that took place all over the world:

Paris Hilton cares about poverty? Um ... for real?! I find that a bit hard to believe ... but I'm going to give peeps the benefit of the doubt. Live 8 was orchestrated to raise, not money but, awareness of the plight of poverty all over the world ... did it work? Hmm ... time will tell ...

Jude Law and Sienna Miller opted out of going to Live 8 and went to Wimbledon instead:

I believe they were there to raise awareness of the plight of the ball boys and girls at Wimbledon. I hear they aren't fed very well.

Nicole Richie and Adam Goldstein were out and about ...

... and they were looking like very normal people. And by "normal" I mean run-of-the-mill ugly everyday person "normal". And by "they" I mean Adam. Glam it up a bit, boy -- dog tags with Swarovski crystals does not equal glam.

Speaking of glam ... check out Avril Lavigne with fiancée Deryck Whibley leaving the Spyder Club:

I still can't get over how happy she looks ... and how pretty happiness makes her look. She should have gotten engaged a long time ago.

I can't say that getting engaged has made Pink look any prettier BUT I can say that she and new fiancée Carey Hart do look kinda okay in this picture:

He's a hottie ... she oftentimes is not ... but maybe being engaged will work magic on her like it did for Avril. Yay! Marriage for everyone ... except me.

Prince William got to work out with a professional English rugby team:

He looks very flexible. That is a good trait to have ...

Mattel is still planning on releasing its Destiny's Child dolls, despite news that the group is breaking up after their current tour is over:

I am so glad I was able to purchase my Latavia and LaToya dolls the last time Destiny's Child broke up. Maybe now Kelly, Michelle, Latavia and LaToya can form their own group -- they could call it Beyoncé is a Flaming Bitch and We Gonna Beat Her Ass. That would rule!

Awww yeah ... are you bitches ready for the second season of Laguna Beach: The Real OC? The promo has already begun and I can't hardly wait:

Weee!!! What new catty and bitchy drama is in store for us?! Ahhh!!! I don't think that July 25th can get here fast enough.

Boo! And I'm just realizing that a week ago I was in Laguna Beach ... and now I want to go back.

OOH, check out this picture of David Beckham:


And finally, a Pink fan sent me this awesome little logo that they drew while they were bored at school:

I think I <3 it! Thanks for sending it Cin!

The news:
Yesterday I got to hang out with VLB Sarah for most of the day ... we had lunch at BD's Mongolian BBQ and then caught a matinée of Bewitched:

Our food was excellent and the movie was very cute. I think the story got off track a couple of times (it got more complicated than it needed to be) and I still contend that movie would have worked better as a straight remake ... but I just love Nicole Kidman. She was perfect ... Will Farrell was pretty funny ... Amy Sedaris was wasted by only appearing for 2 seconds at the end. Overall, I liked the film ... it was pretty damn cute.

The whole time I just kept thinking about how weird it is to think that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman used to be married ... that they were the "perfect couple" and that we were all so shocked and horrified when they broke up. He's such a nut job now that it's hard to remember what they were like when they were together.

I believe we are going to see The Javelins play the Magic Stick tonight ...

... and I'm out.