Monday, July 04, 2005

Fantastic 4th


I hope you all have a great day today ... whatever you do ... however you celebrate your independence. HAVE FUN!!!

Oh, look at that, a few of Pink is the new Blog's favorite celebs want to wish you a happy 4th as well:

Aww ... that's so sweet ... okay ... let's get to it ...

Man ... if you want a classy lady to show up at your event ... you know, someone who will be sure to keep things reaaaal classy ... then you make sure you get Anna Nicole Smith:

She is so disgustingly gross. I'm sure the starving people of the world appreciate her aid in their plight.

Aww, it looks like Ben Affleck is talking to his new wife, Jennifer Garner, on the phone ...

... and he looks so happy to be married, don't he? Yeah, shotgun weddings never tend to turn out well.

Oh Avril Lavigne ... what the hell are you wearing?!

Is that a beach towel or merely a fugly skirt from Hot Topic? Burn it ... please!

Yay! Ashley Olsen seems to have put on a little weight:

She looks great! She can still be thin AND healthy ... I think she should tell all her friends that eating is the new thing in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez did some shopping at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills a couple of days ago:

... and this is why I love her so. Hey Jen, call me up next time you go shopping at Louis!

Who is this mysterious celeb hiding behind her baby?

It's Reese Witherspoon! It's been a while since we've seen her ... and look ... Ryan Phillipe is nowhere to be seen ... maybe he's out surfing again ... I hope so ... and I hope the pictures come out soon.

My dear Tony got to meet Norweigen sensation Annie at the Virgin Megastore in LA a couple of days ago:

And I am insanely jealous ... I <3 her totally ... I wish she would tour ...

And finally, I found this on a messageboard and had to LOL:

Hope you LOL too.

And before I forget, I have to say happy birthday to Andrea and Bria who are celebrating their birthdays today.

The news:
I got to hang out with my dad yesterday ... my mom was out of town for a wedding so it was just good quality time with my dad. He is so cool ... I love my kickass dad!

After hanging with my dad I met up with Kirsten and Erik and we went to The Magic Stick to see a bunch of local bands ... Our friend Trevor's band, Zoos of Berlin, took the stage right as we were walking in ... they were amazing! Trevor is in like 10 bands and he sounds great in all of them. Then we watched a couple other bands (Pop Project, The Recital) before The Javelins took the stage:

Those guys are awesome ... they deserve to get huge! Click HERE to check out some of their music at My Space.

I have to give much love to my girl Susie who hooked me up with a shot of Jameson. She reads this blog and just wanted to say hello. Who knew that hipsters read this mess that I do everyday?! Anyways, big XOXO Susie ... hope to see you at other shows!

Last night was so fun ... when I wasn't too busy expectorating all over Kirsten, I was rockin' out to some really great and fun bands. Detroit is where it's at, y'all!

Today Erik and I are heading over to his parent's house for some food ... should be fun. I hope you are having a superfun independence day!!! Happy Birthday USA! And Happy 4th of July to you all!