Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Kiss Me Deadly

What is it about pregnant chicks who feel the need to drive themselves around everywhere? You would think that of all the times that Britney Spears should be chauffeured around town it would be while she was pregnant:

Well ... I say good for her ... doing things for yourself is always a good thing ... and she is finally wearing her seatbelt (which she doesn't always do -- bad Britney). We also see that she loves reading People magazine ... that's my girl.

Hahahaha ... check out these pictures of Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander from the BET Awards:

It is so obvious that Shar wishes she was Britney Spears and Jason wishes he was Kevin Federline. They're not even D-list celebs ... poor things. Well, as long as they keep showing their faces in public I'll still talk about them ... they are Spederline wanna-bes after all.

As we all know, Lindsay Lohan spent the weekend celebrating her 19th birthday:

... and we are very hopeful that she had a good, safe time ... with lots of eating ... and stuff. I really think she must have partied a bit too much on Friday and Saturday night because she was in a big hurry to get her ass to church on Sunday morning:

Only Lindsay Lohan (and maybe Anna Nicole Smith) would go to church dressed like this ... I wonder what sins she had to confess?

UGH! Here are yet still more pictures of Anna Nicole Smith at Live 8 in Philadelphia ... and she's with Paula Abdul ... who seems to have lost her damn mind:

Why in the world would Paula let any of Anna Nicole's mucus parts touch her?! EW! EW! EW!

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are in Singapore in support of the UK's bid to host the Olympic Games in 2012:

He is sure a fan of those pimp suits, ain't he? Is that a hooker on his arm?? Oh wait, my bad, it's Victoria.

Bennifer, newly wed and shit, are together in Vancouver giving the paparazzi a hard time:

... but still obviously all lovey-dovey. Check out Ben and his new leash, er, I mean wedding ring:

Hmm ... I hope they last ... but I do have my doubts. He doesn't look very happy when he's not with her ... so either he misses her a lot ... or he's faking it with her a lot ... I guess we'll see.

Paris Hilton is always one to flaunt her new baubles:

Here she is showing Kimberly Stewart her engagement ring ... Next, Paris needs to show Kimberly to a great plastic surgeon.

Hilary Duff is on the cover of the new issue of Elle Girl magazine this month:

She looks amazing! I love Hilary! She has a concert in Detroit next month ... maybe someone can arrange a meeting betwixt the 2 of us ... I really think it's time she got meet me.

Here are more pictures of Nicky Hilton shopping on Robertson in LA:

I think I'm turning over a new leaf ... no more digs on Nicky Hilton ... at least for a little while. Hey, she was the only celeb in LA that I actually ran into who was just out on the street ... I would have done the same thing for Kimberly Stewart if I had run into her ... oh god, who am I kidding ... there is no way I could stop picking on Kimberly ... it simply isn't possible.

Ashlee Simpson keeps walking the fine line between stylishly-hip and horribly-tacky:

Um, which side of the line do you think she falls on with these pix?

Jennifer Aniston really loves her god daughter Coco Cox-Arquette:

Coco is probably the closest she is going to get to a baby of her own. Poor Jen.

Reuben Studdard and Aretha Franklin, both at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, fought it out to determine who is the biggest (and I mean the "biggest") diva of all:

Duh! Was there ever any contest? There ain't no one, and I mean NO ONE, bigger than Aretha Franklin ... literally.

Check out this picture of Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider from his upcoming movie of the same name:

I really hope they don't screw up this movie ... Ghost Rider is way too cool to turn out like The Hulk movie. [thanks Brandon]

Believe me, I have been meaning to do this for a long time now ... I have to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Z100 in NYC!

While I am not able to listen to Z100 here in Detroit, I understand that some of DJs are fans of Pink is the new Blog. I am incredibly geeked by all the love that I've been getting. You guys rule! Thanks so much for the support! It is well known that Z100 is a bonafide hit-maker ... so I am honored that you guys like what I do.

Big up to Kathy Griffin too ... XOXO

And finally, can you guess which celeb is notorious for not brushing her teeth?

Click above to see who it could be

It's not hard to guess ... but it is incredibly gross to see.

Let's do the news:
Erik and I had a really fun time at his parents house yesterday. We got to hang out with his parents, his grandparents and his brothers ... it was way fun. On the way home we went to see a movie, Land of the Dead:

The movie was pretty good ... it takes place about 3 years after the movie Dawn of the Dead takes place. Personally, I liked Dawn of the Dead much better ... it was way more stressful ... this movie was just more gross -- and I guess that's the point.

We are exactly 1 week away from my birthday ... my SUPER SWEET 16th birthday. I'll provide details on where we'll be partying in a day or 2 ... just in case any of you Detroit folks want to swing on by ... or in case any of you celebs (yeah, I know you read this Britney, Hilary, Lindsay, Paris and Ashlee) want to just show up.

I'm out.