Saturday, July 09, 2005

Playing Thru The Pain

OI! Sometimes ... there is just no defending Britney Spears ... and I tend to defend a lot of things about her ... but when you go out wearing these shoes and this ... dress (???) then there really isn't a good thing for me to say about it:

Don't even get me started on that hair clip ... I suppose I should just thank goodness that she's not wearing a scrunchie. And look, it seems as if she's jumped aboard the Sidekick bandwagon ... am I the last person on earth to not have a Sidekick now?

Wow ... it seems that the rumors are turning out to be true ... Quentin Tarantino and Shar Jackson were seen together at the movies ... on a date:

They are just the oddest couple ... well maybe now Shar can mooch off Quentin's celebrity and not try and hang on to Britney's coattails.

Jake Gyllenhaal is just like you ... he shops for his own groceries:

... and it takes no less than 8 pictures for me to show you how he stands at the check-out counter.

Here is a picture of Andy Roddick from this year's Wimbledon:

He seems a little confused about which balls he's supposed to go after ... which is probably why he lost.

Check out the cover of Mariah Carey's new single, Shake It Off:

Mariah is allllll boobs ... it makes her body look ... disproportionate ... BUT ANYWAYS ... at least things are going so well for her ... she's got a new #1 album, a new #1 song ... a new lease on life ... things are going so well for her ...

... Her sister Alison Carey, on the other hand, is another story ... she was just arrested for prostitution:

Maybe one day we'll see the Emancipation of Ali ... but in the mean time ... she might end up being the cellmate of Lil' Kim.

Jessica Simpson looks really cute in this headband:

Don't she?

Hmm ... check out these pictures of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and you tell me if they don't look like they're back together again:

Hepatitis creates a special bond between infected. They'll be drawn back to one another forever.

Here are more pictures of Paris2 frolicking with friends (including Tara Reid) on a beach in Greece:

They look like they are having a lot of fun. It's nice to see people who normally work so hard and toil on an everyday basis treat themselves to a nice vacation every once in a while. Nice.

And finally ... today we are going to see the Fantastic Four movie (finally):

I am not reading one single review ... I'll be the judge myself! Woot! I can't wait!!

Let's do the news:
Yesterday was so fun ... well mostly ... Phil Collins managed to win both games (5-3, 5-4) so that was cool. I managed to get my first injury injuries of the season (right elbow [in 2 places], right knee, left knee and right hand/wrist). In the second game, after it was my turn to kick, I was hauling ass to first base and the dumbfuck at first base stood on the base, right in my way, but I was not going to stop (I was gonna get to that base, goddamnit) and we collided and I took a dive into the gravel. I'm told that I looked cool doing so and I did get my base ... I got pretty banged up but it was no thang. After we kicked their asses, we took some team pictures:

Aren't the shirts so cool? When we stand in our positions on the field we look like we're in a cult or something. Total Domination. You can check out all the team pictures from last night by clicking HERE.

After the game we hit Ye Olde Saloon for food and drinks:

We so hot.

Today should be fun ... after the movie Erik is taking me out for dinner at OSLO in downtown Detroit at 6pm ... he says that anyone is welcome to come out at hang out with us starting at about 10pm so ... if y'all in the neighborhood ... come on over baby!

I'm out.