Monday, July 11, 2005

July 12th, 2005

Awww ... look at all the nice celebs that stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday:

I am really very flattered you guys ... it means so much to me that ... WHOA, here's another birthday wish:

Really ... I don't know what to say ... thank you all! Here's to another great year of gossipy fun!!! XO Trent

This Just In: Kirsten Dunst Is A Big, Fat Liar

Sooo ... Kirsten Dunst claims that she and Jake Gyllenhaal are "just friends", eh?

Well ... I'm not buying her bullshizz anymore ... look at how cozy and kissy they were poolside at a Hollywood hotel yesterday ... and I'm so happy that it's true that they are together! They make the best couple! Yay!

PS: Jake looks H-O-T all laid back like that ... uh huh ...

Who Has The Golden Ticket?

Yes, yes, yes ... Kevin Federline is hard at work on his debut album ... here are some new pictures of him leaving the studio over the weekend:

I hope to God that he's got a song that uses the word "Roni" in its title ... that would rule all!!! But, K-Fed wasn't hard at work all weekend, no siree, he was able to break away for a little while so that he could accompany his wife, Britney Spears, to the Hollywood premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -- and I have to say, in all honesty, Britney looked goooood ... behold:

Yay! It's soooo good to see Britney all put together. It's simple, clean and classy ... and that shirt is so cute! I'm fairly certain she got it at Kitson -- it looks like one of their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory t-shirts (I think she added the arrow pointing to her belly). Cute! K-Fed, as usual, could use a hair cut ... a good shave ... and a new jacket (he already wore this jacket when Spederline appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show). Jamie Lynn Spears just always looks cute.

Johnny Depp was also on hand for the premiere of his new movie:

He, on the other hand, could have done a little more to look a little more put together.

Aww, poor Katie Holmes is still caught in the clutches of her captor suitor Tom Cruise:

Here is the happy couple arriving back in Italy ... the place where they announced their relationship to the world.

Check out this picture from W Magazine of Katie Holmes wearing one of the wedding dresses she is considering for her wedding:

Not only is this dress totally and completely fugly (hello, the hat/turban!!!) but doesn't it seem strange that she's posing in the dress at all? I wonder if she got paid extra for this little stunt?

Hello, Xtina Aguilera ... this is a look that I can approve of:

The 40's look actually works for me in these pictures. Xtina really is having a fun time at all these fashion shows, despite nursing a hurt arm.

Aww, check out these pictures of Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava:

Reese looks good! Her shoes are killer! I love how cute mother and daughter always look when they go out.

Jennifer Garner seems to settling into domestic bliss very nicely, she's already fired her assistant and has begun to do her own grocery shopping:

Actually, she strikes me as the kind of person who has always done her own errands. New hubby Ben Affleck has shaved away his scrubby (unibomber-looking) beard:

He looks great! It's so nice when celebrities clean up. No one wants to see a scrungy-looking celeb. Kudos, Ben!

What is up with Jessica Simpson lately ... she's taken to hiding her face when the paparazzi try to take her picture ...

... or maybe she just wants the world to see her new-for-the-fall-'05-season monogram denim Louis Vuitton purse? That show-off biatch!

But awww, look at hubby Nick Lachey showing his love and affection for her:

... by grabbing on to her rockin' ass. How adorable!

Ugh ... what the fug is Mischa Barton wearing?!

If that hideous boot-look is what's in vogue this year ... then I'm jumping ship and calling for the rejuvenation of UGGS.

Denise Richards looks great just a few weeks after giving birth to her second child:

Not only is she losing her baby weight, but she's all glowing and stuff. She looks really happy -- and that rocks!

Here are a couple of promo pictures of Hilary Duff's new video Wake Up:

I love her with the dark hair ... it's too bad she didn't take a risk and really dye her hair black. The single hits radio tomorrow and the video will debut on MTV this week.

Whoa ... Jude Law doesn't often take a bad photo ...

... but it does happen ... Ew!

Did y'all watch The Surreal Life 5 last night? OMG ... they could not have scrounged up a better group of bitchy people:

I can't decide who's the bigger bitach ... Janice Dickinson or Omorosa ... at least I marginally like Janice, there ain't a think I like about Omorosa. And who knew that Bronson Pinchot was so creepy? This season is going to rule ...

Hogan Knows Best also debuted last night ... and ... um ... Hulk Terry Hogan has gotten really scary:

Could he be more controlling than Joe Simpson? He's deffo more scary ... So far the show looks entertaining ... we're gonna have to keep watching.

The news:
Yesterday was totally chill ... Erik and I met up with Kirsten and Blaine at the W.A.B. for $1.50 drinks before going to Club Bart to watch Ben's band play.

Today I have to renew my vanity license plate ... I think I'm going to get a new one ... Deets to come ...

I'm out.

PS: MUCH LOVE goes out to Brian for creating the awesome Trent -> She-Ra logo for my blog. He is also the genius who created the Trent -> Jem logo for me last year. THANK YOU BRIAN!!! I <3 U TOTALLY!!!