Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oooh La La

First things first, I have to say Happy Bastille Day to all the French peeps in the hizzy ...

Avec tout mon coeur, Joyeuse FĂȘte Nationale!!!

I hope you all have an amazing day storming prisons ... or shopping or whatever!!!

Hmm ... Kevin Federline was photographed and was overheard talking to an unknown Hollywood "It" girl who was giving him dieting tips:

Any guesses who the chickie was? I'm thinking it might have been a SkeletwinTM.

Jake Gyllenhaal is such a great citizen ... he takes time out of his busy schedule of looking hot to do good deeds ... like signing petitions and stuff:

Don't you love a civic-minded man?

Is it me or does this picture make it look like Lindsay Lohan is putting on some much-needed weight?

I hope she keeps drinking those coffee drinks ... they'll plump her up for sure! Anyways, when L. Lo isn't running off for coffee ... she's riding rollercoasters and stuff:

Looks like fun.

Um ... why does Nicole Richie insist on wearing clothing that is too big for her tiny frame?

She's skinny enough as it is ... wearing large clothing doesn't help.

Here is a picture of Mariah Carey with her clothes on:

And here are pictures of Mariah Carey with her clothes coming off JUST AS IF SHE WERE on German TV:

Any questions? [thanks Jinky and everyone else who sent me the pics]

Um, what is going on in this TomKat picture?

Is Katie Holmes trying to top Tom Cruise? Is that the freaky Scientology woman who is shadowing Katie these days? Hmm ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt really loves the gossip mags:

I love when she desperately searches in vain to see if she's ever mentioned in those magazines. Yeah, keep lookin' dear.

So what does Mischa Barton do after she dumps her boyfriend? She meets up with her girls (the other sister and Rachel Bilson) and goes shopping:

Strangely enough, it's the same thing Mischa does if she's not dumping her boyfriend ... and ya know, I really can't blame her either way.

Donatella Versace and her (dangerously anorexic-looking) daughter Allegra are in LA and were seen shopping at Kitson:

I, for one, cannot understand why Donatella Versace needs to shop at Kitson ... or at any other boutique for that matter ... but whatevs. And, wow, does Allegra Versace look so skinny! I joke sometimes about the skinny celebs but Allegra is really, really thin. Her arms are so bony ... it is my understanding that she has a terrible eating disorder ... I hope she gets better soon.

Rachel McAdams is a stunning beauty ... but without make-up she looks very pale and pasty:

But you know what ... she's young, rich and famous ... I'm sure she has nothing to worry about.

Sarah Jessica Parker was seen out and about in NYC ... it seems that she has been shopping in the giant district:

Look how huge that woman looks in that first picture. SJP is still cute tho!

Steven Tyler paid a little visit to daughter Liv and grandson Milo:

Mr. Tyler is getting on in years ... and Liv ain't lookin' too hot herself. They look happy tho and that's all that matters.

See ... I told you it was the new thing for celebs to be photographed at the grocery store:

Just ask Jessica Alba.

Check out this cute picture of Brian Littrell (from the Backstreet Boys) with his family:

They look like they are having so much fun! [via]

Holy Moly ... Pink is the new Blog just passed the 2 Millionth visitor threshold:

It took me 1 year to get to 1 million visitors ... then it took a mere 3 months to get to 2 million. Thank you all so much!! We can only go to the top you guys :) Thanks for making this site so fun!

Here are 2 of those 2 million visitors ... posing with their stickers:

As I said yesterday, I am out of stickers (sadly) but the last batch have been sent for distribution. If you can, please send in those pictures of you with your sticker so that I can post your picture. The demand for stickers is high, so I'm prolly going to have to order a new batch ... but this time they might be Pink is the new Blog stickers ... or something ... stay tuned.

It's newstime:
So last night I finally got to meet the illustrious Joe at the preview screening of The Island. I have to tell you ... I was mortified that I had dressed so frumpily because Joe looked amazing (of course) AND he showed up with a kickass birthday present for me:

I have a feeling we's gonna be B.F.F.s or some shit like that. Anyways, we settled in to watch the movie WHICH WAS SO AMAZINGLY FUN:

I love that they used the city of Detroit to portray the postapocalyptic Los Angeles of the year 2019. It was very neat seeing parts of the city in the movie. If you are up for a fun action movie ... this is your film. The story is great ... the action and explosions are loud ... and the acting is ... well ... there were a lot of explosions. I keed, I keed ... the acting was fine. GO see this movie ... it's a lot of fun.

Tonight I'm having dinner with the staff of EGO Detroit magazine in Greektown (at Mosaic) and then I'm going to meet up with the Illest Meg C for drinks or a movie ... or both.

Wee! Sarah and I *just* scored 2nd row Tori Amos tickets for the Cleveland show next month ... awww yeah!

And I'm out.