Monday, July 18, 2005

Bad Hair Day


Wow ... it looks like Britney's extensions finally fell out of her head ... personally, I don't think it's a good look ... but if she's decided to take out her fake hair in an attempt to grow out her real hair then I guess I can support that. I just wish she'd wear a hat or something to save us the trauma ... sheesh!

Check out these pictures from an upcoming issue of Interview magazine featuring our very-own Spederline:

Gross ... the thought of Britney Spears waiting on Kevin Federline is just wrong. Talk about hitting the freaking jackpot! And does he have to be always be photographed with a cigarette in his mouth?! Is it in his contract or something? Boo!

Aww look, newly wed Bennifer spent a nice relaxing weekend together:

Jennifer Garner does not look happy when hubby Ben Affleck smokes around her ... ever-growing belly. I didn't even pick up the new Harry Potter book yet but Ben looks as if he's already read a significant portion of the book already. I wonder if he was in line at midnight on Saturday morning?

Newly engaged Pink and Carey Hart spent some time at the beach:

It's nice to see that they ventured into the water ... it is NOT nice to see Pink picking her butt.

Here are even more pictures of Mischa Barton and her "new guy" out on the town:

That dude is eating this up ... shoot, he may not last long so he better enjoy it while he can.

Wow ...

What's up, Cher?

Heidi Klum (with baby) and Seal went out to pick up new baby things for their newest baby:

They make a really cute family ...

Here is a new picture of Brandon Routh as Superman:

The picture comes courtesy of director Bryan Singer who flew in from Australia to the Comic Con in San Diego this past weekend. Singer was very forthcoming with information on the new movie ... you might not want to read the information if you want to be fully surprised.

Check out these pictures of Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor in this week's Entertainment Weekly:

Cute concept ... here are a couple of pictures of Scarlett from her Allure magazine photoshoot:

She looks better in the EW picture.

Um ... I have to admit that I am not a Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas) fan by any means ... these pictures from Paper magazine highlight why that is the case:

I just don't like her style ... those chunky bangs and tacky fingernails do nothing for me. And to think, Josh Duhamel is now engaged to her?! Has he seen her cover of Cosmopolitan magazine?

I keed, I keed ... true love knows no bounds ... Fergie is one lucky lady.

Talk about your 180° turnaround ... check out Nicky Hilton on the cover of Maxim magazine:

She looks great ... Photoshop or not ... you go, Nicky!

Marilyn Manson has announced that he is going to start making short films that he will release on his official website:

Click HERE for information directly from him. I'm scared, y'all.

And finally ... check out these great collages of celebrities and their Starbucks beverages:

It is aptly titled Star$ Bucks. [via Vocroz @ JJB]

Additionally, check out City Rag's version of the celebrity fascination over Starbucks HERE.

The news:
Today is very busy for me ... I have a deadline that I have to meet so I'm gonna cut this short. I may be back ... depending on how much work I get done.

I'm out.