Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Lost Lost Promo

Direction by David LaChapelle + music by Portishead = 1 really, really bad promo for the TV show Lost:

Click picture above to download the clip

It's really bad, y'all. I couldn't make it through the whole 1 1/2 minutes without laughing. Thank the gods they did not use this video to promote the show.

I am a *huge* fan of David LaChapelle but this promo video is just bad.

[via Towleroad via Pop Culture Junkies]

Do You Dare?

::sigh:: Look exactly how far the mighty have fallen ...

Britney, Britney, Britney ... do you really dare?! Clearly -- you do. [via Oh No They Didn't!]

Boy ... when you're right ... you're freaking right:

Preach on, New York magazine, preach the f*ck on ... [thanks Ellen and Erin]

Here are the first pictures of newlyweds Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, fresh off their private plane:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ... oh I'm sorry ... I must have slipped into a debilitating coma ... sorry ...

Looking at this picture, many people may tend to focus on the large bug-eye-like sunglasses ... or the fact that Nicole Richie is actually ingesting something ... but I first noticed the fact that Nicole seems to be sitting on a porcelain chair ... a throne, if you will:

... some might even say a toilet? Um ... WTF?

Whatevs ... when Nicole is not defecating in public, she's out taking her dogs to the vet for a check-up:

She manages to do a good deed and give a homeless man some money in the process ... celebs these days -- they're such do-gooders.

When she's not pooping, going to the vet or giving money to panhandlers, Nicole is out celebrating her engagement with her parents and her fiancee like the good little debutante that she is:

Damn ... she is really, really busy all the time.

Lindsay Lohan seems to have lost some of her powers ... being separated from her SkeletwinTM sister might have something to do with it ... she seems to have lost the ability to dress herself properly:

Linds, your stylist has failed you for the last time ... fire him/her already.

Jessica Simpson and her leech Casey Cacee went out shopping in LA:

It looks like strenuous work for Ms. Simpson. The poor dear.

I think I finally understand why Pamela Anderson has decided to get back with ex-hubby Tommy Lee:

He went out and became a Navy Seal. That'd do it for me, too.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner spent some time each (and individually) with Ben's mom:

Not sure what the angle is but ... there you go.

Brooklyn Beckham, pictured here at the UK premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has more money right now then you will ever have in your entire life:

How's that thought grab ya? It's a shame that his mother, Victoria Beckham, passed away and has been reanimated as a robotic mannequin:

I doubt the little boy will even notice.

Here is the first picture of Angelina Jolie with her new daughter Zahara:

Oh yeah, Maddox is in the picture too ... he better get used to being forgotten.

Oh my word ... it's been a little while since we've heard or seen Anna Nicole Smith ... I wonder what's she's been up to?

Yeah, that looks about right.

Mariah Carey says hello:

And, as you can see, so does her cleavage. Hi, guys!

Peace the Spork Out goes to Tobey Maguire ...

... huh? What? Oh, he's not dead?! Ah, my bad ... let's move on ...


I object! [thanks Kristen]

This is an extremely freaky picture of Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell:

Who is more scary, Kristen or the dog? [thanks fashiongirl]

I should have posted this picture yesterday:

Avril Lavigne says hello to all the guys who work in the Doner mailroom. Enjoy!!

And finally, here are a couple more pictures of Pink readers with TR3NT.com stickers:

The last batch of stickers are being dispatched ... make sure you send in your pictures when you get your stickers.

It's newstime:
Today I am hanging out with my dear Tracey in Ann Arbor today. We are going to go crazy and paint the town red ... well as red as we can since Tracey is about 8 1/2 months pregnant.

I have to make a deadline (still) so I'm out. Lates!

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