Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Scotty Beams Up ... For Good

Peace the Spork Out goes to James Doohan who has died at the age of 85:

Doohan will forever be known as Scotty from Star Trek. He will be missed but I'm sure he is now enjoying The Afterlife: The Final Final Frontier. [thanks for the heads up Sarah]

Nanny 411

So yeah ... the big news is this Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller with the nanny of his children-thing but I don't get what all the hoopla is about? Didn't he cheat on his wife to be with Sienna Miller? Anyways, the British papers are all abuzz with this story:

Visit I Don't Like You In That Way to see large scans of the British newspapers. Here are pictures of Jude, his kids ... and the nanny he boinked:

I feel really bad for his kids ... with all this cheating drama they're never gonna get the press that they deserve. Jude, on the other hand, I do not feel sorry for ... he's still getting work -- here he is on the set of his new movie:

I think he's playing a garbage man ... a sexy British garbage man perhaps. The publicly jilted Sienna Miller has decided to stop working ... and she really has nothing to say on this whole matter:

She's going to let her blanket do all the talking for her.

If you think Sienna Miller had a bad day then you obviously haven't heard about Lindsay Lohan's day ... she was upset, y'all:

What could cause L. Lo to hide from her beloved paparazzi and go so far as to throw something (a canister of car interior wipes, to be exact) at the photogs? Did she get the cold shoulder from Nicole? Could Wilmer be rejecting her phone calls? Did she accidentally eat 2 Tic Tacs and have a hard time barfing them up? We may never know ...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst have fled to New York to try and escape the prying eyes of the LA paparazzi so that they can continue their (re)new(ed) relationship in peace:

It didn't work.

Wow! Now we know how Jack Osbourne lost all that weight and got semi-good-looking:

He is actually running ... like ... exercising ... I'm shocked ... but impressed.

Whatever Ashanti! Just because Lil' Kim had to go to court doesn't mean you need to go to court too ...

... and certainly not in the same, exact ugly-ass outfit.

David Beckham is the new coverboy for the new issue of Details magazine:

Click HERE to read the article. I approve! I really hope he gets big here in the US ... I'd like to see more of him in our mags.

Check out these outtakes from Ashlee Simpson's Cosmo Girl magazine photoshoot:

Ya know ... I am not feeling the blonde hair. She was so striking with her black hair ... I miss it. Maybe she'd look better if she wore a hat of some sort?

Um ... nope ... that didn't work. [via and Hollywood Simpson]

Whoa! Talk about your white bread ... Maroon 5 is made up of some white-ass dudes:

The long-haired one behind lead singer Adam Levine should do something with that chest hair ... like get rid of it immediately. Yikes!

Aww check out this picture of Madonna and her family:

I'm sorry, I meant to type Eww look at this picture of Madonna and her family!

Here is Xtina Aguilera's ad for the Youth AIDS campaign:

It's a great cause ... but not a great picture. The 20s look is *so* tired already.

Lest you forget, Jenny McCarthy is still one hot mama:

Don't you agree?

Here is the poster for the Jake Gyllenhaal/Heath Ledger cowboy love flick Brokeback Mountain:

Love is a Force of Nature -- what a great tagline ... I can't wait for this movie!!! Focus Features rules!

Here is the poster for the new Elijah Wood movie Everything is Illuminated:

It looks a little Eternal Sunshine to me ...

Adriana sent me some pictures that she took of me while I was in LA:

I only have 2 looks ... the scowl and the eyebrow lift. Enjoy.

And finally, here are a couple more Pink fans with stickers:

Keep those pictures coming ... and if you want to see more pictures of Lola (the little diva in the sunglasses) you can see a few more HERE.

Let's do the news:
I had a great day yesterday hanging out with Tracey in her beautiful new home. I loved it as soon as I saw it ... when I saw the jacuzzi tub in her bathroom I wanted to move in.

Tonight Erik and I are hanging out with Blaine and his lady friend Karen ... I think we're going on a double date of drinks and a movie.

And I guess that's it. I'm out.