Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Kid On The Block

So, we've already seen the first picture of Angelina Jolie with her new baby daughter Zahara but we weren't able to get a good look at the little princess ... until now:

She looks so cute! She has the most amazing eyes. It's always cool to be the new kid in town ... but we mustn't forget about Angelina's other child ... Malcolm ... or whatever ...

Brad Pitt was not present as Angelina was toting around her new baby ... he was busy speaking at the Hollywood Foreign Press:

Hmm ... Brad and Angelina have been spending a lot of time apart lately ... I wonder if there is trouble in paradise.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst are still in NYC ...

Even when they do things apart they can't go long without meeting back up together. Isn't that just darling? Oh, and what was up with Kirsten's hair? It looks ... matted ... not cute.

Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider will be co-hosting this year's Teen Choice Awards on Nickelodeon:

You know, she could look a little happier in the picture ... she's prolly upset that she's not co-hosting with me. I get it.

Check out this hot picture of Joel Madden. He posted this picture on his official website ... and he also gave a shout-out to a certain blog that we all know and love:

How kickass is that?! Much love Joel! When we goin' Louis Vuitton shopping? [thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up]

Have you heard that Jennifer Love Hewitt is starring in her own TV series for CBS -- it's called The Ghost Whisperer:

I caught one of the preview commercials ... it had a Joan of Arcadia meets Cold Case meets The Sixth Sense meets Murder, She Wrote type feel to it. I may have to check it out for real.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a clock ticking ...

... those 15 minutes are just about up ... homeboy better do something to cement his status as Mischa's new man ... or he's going to be gone ...

It's a shame too, he's way cuter than Brandon Davis.

Mariah Carey looks very pretty in these pictures:

Mimi is about to release her new video for Shake It Off. It's a cool song but my summer jam is totally We Belong Together -- that shizz is tight!

As Joey from Blossom would say, WHOA! Check out these pictures of Jenna Von Oy (ex-Six on Blossom):

Daaaamn, homegirl is all growed up. I wonder when Mayim Bialik is going to release a photospread like this?

See, this is why Prince Harry is the funner royal prince ... if any other member of the royal family stuck his hands down his pants it might come off as creepy ... but Harry can pull it off, er, in a manner of speaking:

Thanks for keeping it real Harry!

Claire Danes has been out of sight for a while now ... I wonder what she's been up to?

I like her longer hair but I'm not feeling the beige clam-diggers ... It'll be cool to see her around, working again -- hopefully in better attire.

Alyssa Milano looks great in these pictures ...

... despite the bangs.

Does Victoria Beckham ever look natural?

You know, like a living, breathing human being?

This weekend, NBC is airing the AVP finals -- and what could be better than watching hot and sweaty (half-naked) dudes (and dudettes I suppose) playing volleyball -- especially when you've got eligible bachelors like Dain Blanton and Jason Ring to root for?

These hunks of beef are good ... and worth checking out.

And finally, here are 2 more pictures of Pink fans with stickers:

Keep those pix comin'!

Les news:
Last night Erik and I met up with Blaine, Karen and Kirsten for martinis and pizza ... then we went over to K-dawg's to watch some episodes of Sex and the City. It was very fun ... I just know that I'm going to have to start watching the entire series ... yes, I know I'm about 40 years too late but ... better late than never, right?

It is my understanding that we are going to a danceparty at OSLO ... more on that tomorrow.

And, I'm out.