Saturday, July 23, 2005

Everything Will Be Alright

It's a miracle ... the gods must have hated Britney Spears' new short hair because they have magically replaced her beautiful long hair extensions:

Obviously this is cause for a celebration ... so Miss Brit went out to get her nails did. Damn, it's what I would've done ...

Sienna Miller has decided to wash that man right out of her hair ... and get back to work ... here she is getting ready to perform in the play she's doing in the UK:

It's a shame she couldn't take a prettier picture ... Jude Law, on the other hand, looks like he's getting tired of all the negative comments about his philandering:

Poor Jude, I bet this is so hard on him.

Jared Leto is in NYC ... here are some pictures of him walking around with a friend:

Now that we know that he's packing a python in those jeans we no longer have to wonder if he stuffs or not. Yay!

Adam Brody is also in NYC ... here are some pictures of him walking around in SoHo:

We have yet to learn what kind of ammo he's packin' ... so, until we know for sure, we cannot be so sure that he isn't a stuffer.

Ashley Olsen, not in NYC, was photographed out on the street with a very scary friend ...

... in an even scarier outfit -- zoinks!

Check out this awesome picture of Kelly Clarkson as she stands over Times Square:

Kelly rules! What a great picture. [via UKCgalleries]

Halle Berry picked up a wire mesh gate:

For dog use ..? Kid use ..? Kink use ..?

Aww check out this cute picture of Julia Roberts and her twins:

Eww, check out this NOT cute picture of Tara Reid and her twins:

Can I just say that I am really geeked that Joel Madden actually reads my blog ... I know his brother Josh checks out the site (cuz he and I are cool) which totally rules ... anyways, it does seem like Joel and I are playing blog tag:

Dude, we should totally hang ... the beautiful Miss Hil D. will be here in Detroit on August 20th ... you should come too ... we even have a Louis Vuitton store at The Somerset Collection ... bring Josh along with you and we'll make it a big ol' party!!! Think about it :) Anyways, check out this kickass picture that Joel posted on his official site:

I love The Misfits as well ... but I'm more partial to the animated ones not the deathmetal ones.

And finally, I have to give a big shout out to Matt, Erin and the crew at Long Beach Mini in Long Beach, CA:

Don't they look like a fun group of peeps? Thanks for sending in the picture ... You know, I was thinking that I might have to get a Mini Cooper after my VW Beetle has run its course ... Hmm ... a pink mini ... I might have to do it.

Les news:
I am much chagrined to report that Phil Collins split the games last night ... we played the #1 team in the league -- each of us won a game. I'm not going to make excuses ... but the bottom line is that we were the better team (in both games) and they knew it. If it wasn't for the incompetent referee we surely would have won both games (we led in both games the entire time ... they only caught up late in the first game and ended up winning in the bottom of the 7th inning -- by one point -- due to a bad call). BUT ... no matter, we have moved up to the #2 spot in the rankings. We're so hot this year ... I'm confident that we're going to do very well in the playoffs!

I have to give a huge shout-out to our superstar player Karen ... she stepped in to sub for us (we were down 2 girls) and ended up pitching for us both games ... she rocked balls -- literally! She has become our Kickball Queen:

While Karen is Queen and Blaine is SuperFan ... the gross bleeding scab belongs to Andy, our team leader. Kickball ain't about effing around, y'all -- it's serious stuff.

I had to get up early today to get Gwen Stefani tickets (I managed to score 9th row) and later on today we're heading up to Mt. Pleasant, MI to see The Killers:

You may remember that Erik got me tickets and a romantic overnight stay in Mt. Pleasant for my birthday.

SOOO because we are staying overnight, tomorrow's post will come later on in the day ... don't you fret none, I'll post tomorrow for sure -- hopefully with pictures from the show.