Monday, July 25, 2005

Life's A Beach

Yay! I am excited that there have been all of these Spederline sightings lately ... I was sure that they were going to go underground and stay out of sight -- I'm glad I was wrong. Check out this picture of Kevin Federline getting a good look at Britney Spears' business:

Despite all the jokes I make about him and them ... they do always seem to be in love. K-Fed may not be the brightest person of all time but he knows enough to love a good thing when he's got one. Anyways, when Kevin is not too busy staring at Britney's booty then they're busy going to a movie together:

Yeah, they really are a match made in heaven. Trust me, if I ever got caught going out in public dressed like these 2, I'd end my existence post haste!

Yesterday, Jam! Showbiz highlighted Good Charlotte (and Joel Madden especially) via their Photo of the Day ... they posted this cool picture of the Good Charlotte show in Toronto. Joel is wearing the Misfits t-shirt he posted on his blog (btw, I do know that the Misfits aren't deathmetal -- c'mon peeps, it was a joke) on stage -- he also gave another Pink shout-out in his blog:

I love that he says that our blogs are related. This is actually how my blog got a wider audience. I credit Thighs Wide Shut and with jump-starting this blog's popularity. They were talking about my site when no one even heard of it ... they are really the reason that Pink is the new Blog starting getting popular. I am very happy to link up Joel's blog whenever I can.

Our beloved Lindsay Lohan is in beautiful Paris, France ... she decided to don a pair of white sunglasses (hmm, where have I seen that before???) and hit the shops on the Champs:

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the whole ensemble ... yeah I do -- I hate the clam diggers/peddle pushers ... but that's beside the point. L. Lo decided to hit up the 21st stage of the Tour de France to watch some people fly by on bicycles:

Although I'm not exactly sure why she went there, I really don't see Lindsay as a cycling fan ... I can't imagine it was very interesting to her.

Paris2 have been MIA for a little while now ... they've also turned up in France (St. Tropez, to be exact) but they opted out of watching the cyclists and decided to take up a sport of their own:

Car wrestling is no easy sport ... only the most elite athlete may succeed -- those with sex tapes under their belts. Anyways, Paris (female) met up with her homegirls for a fun day at the beach:

Love the glasses ... kinda.

Nicole Richie, who is rumored to have reconciled with Paris Hilton (which I don't necessarily believe -- I think it's all b.s. because they have to do another season of The Simple Life together), was not on hand to party with Paris2 in St. Tropez ... but that didn't stop her from enjoying the beach anyway:

She prolly could have done a better job of getting together a fun group of girls to hang out with ... but oh well.

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, is in Barcelona, Spain ... looking like a tangerine dream in this orange outfit:

Okay, maybe she looks a little more like an Orange Julius smoothie ... and DON'T even get me started on that hat! It looks like one of those hats that the old ladies wear when they're playing the slot machines. Oh, Mariah -- you and that cap do not belong together!

Jack Osbourne must like his newfound semi-hotness because he really seems to want to keep in shape:

If jogging will keep you looking fit and trim ... then I say run forever, Jack! Oh yeah, and keep getting haircuts ... that curly fro does nothing for you.

So okay ... have you heard about ... OH MY GOD ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ...

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! Maybe if we ignore it it will go away ... let's move on ... quickly ...

Okay ... picture this ... Ben Affleck (Jennifer Garner's current husband) and Scott Foley (Jennifer Garner's last husband) run into one another at the same gym ... do you think they were sizing each other up in the locker room (if you know what I'm sayin')? Here are pictures of the guys after they left the gym:

I bet Jennifer was mortified when she found out about this chance meeting. The only thing that could make this whole scenario any weirder would be if Jennifer Garner ran into Jennifer Lopez at the grocery store ... ah, but life isn't that perfect.

Madonna and her crew are here in the US ... word is that she's in LA working on her new album. Here are some pictures of Momdonna on her way to the gym:

Little Lourdes is coming along nicely ... she looks exactly like her mother at that age. It won't be long until she's running away to NYC to start her own career. My, but don't those little darlings grow up so fast?

Whoa ... check out these pictures of a shirtless Aaron Carter:

Since when are prepubescent 14-year olds allowed to get tattoos?

Check out these new pictures of Lil' Kim from the new issue of Interview magazine:

She looks so pretty (and I kinda like her boots). Sadly, beauty will not be of much good use to her in prison.

Aww, check out these cute pictures of Heidi Klum, her baby and her man Seal at the beach:

They really are a cute family. Heidi looks like a very happy pregnant woman ...

... and so does Soliel Moon Frye:

It's nice to see a pregnant celeb drinking something other than Starbucks. I bet her baby won't come out a caffeinated freakazoid either.

Whoa ... Julianne Moore is not looking too cute in this ensemble:

Her "do rag" looks more like a "don't rag".

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are such a great couple:

I love them together ... and I really love her Louis Vuitton cherise bag -- somebody shoot me!

Reichen Burke is on the cover of the new issue of Advocate magazine:

I managed to check out the pictures at the bookstore yesterday but I can't find them online. They're pretty hot ... I'll have to find them and post them soon.

These promo ads for Alan Cumming's new fragrance, Cumming, are not hot at all:

But I have to give him snaps for his bold fashion sensibilities.

Here is the new ad for Jennifer Lopez' new fragrance Live:

Apparently, you will grow a third arm if you wear this fragrance. Nice.

Have you heard -- Pink is the new Motel:

Thanks to Mondo Retro for sending me this picture.

I about died when I saw this picture posted in the comments section of my My Space profile:

Uncle Jesse = Jake
Luke Duke = Me
Bo Duke = Erik
Boss Hogg = Joe
Daisy Duke = John Kerry?

Thanks to Joey for making this picture for me!!!

And finally, here are a few more pictures of Pink fans with their stickers:

Keep 'em coming ... I love posting these pictures!!!

It's newstime:
Spent a quiet night at home last night ... the summer is winding down and so is my summer vacation. As some of you know, I have the entire summer off because I am a teacher. And since I ended my teaching job once and for all this past June I guess I'm just trying to enjoy, what could be, my last summer vacation ever. I have a couple new job prospects to work on ... but more on that later.

With that said ... I need to go do nothing ... but I'll be back, as always.