Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Feed Your EGO

This Saturday night, EGO Detroit magazine is having a huge party for the unveiling of its August issue:

Incidentally, the August issue is also the first issue with one of my articles in it! The party is going to be a huge, stylish affair ... be there or be hella lame.

My crew and I are going to be there for sure ... we'll be celebrating Kirsten's birthday that night as well -- holla!

Growing Pains

SO okay ... y'all know that Britney Spears is my girl ... normally, I'm very proud to say that she's my girl ... I usually can forgive the girl anything ... but when I came across this picture of Brit and Kevin Federline at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas ... well ...

... I'm not sure I can forgive anymore! OY! I've seen some bad pictures of Spederline before (who hasn't) but this one is a doozy! I may not be able to forgive but I'm sure gonna try and forget ...

Let's move on to more pleasant things, shall we? It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal has made a new friend:

They look very close. Damn, Jake can make up 1/2 of a cute couple with anyone it seems.

Ashlee Simpson has gotten herself a new tattoo:

I think this brings the number up to 3 tattoos (star on her wrist, cherries on her ankle and this new one). I can't wait until she gets THUG 4 LIFE tattooed on her belly. [via Hollywood Simpson]

Older sister Jessica Simpson is still tattoo-free (as far as we know) ... and she looks cute in these pictures:

Even the normally ratty-looking Daisy is kinda cute. I love that Jess is trying to bring the home perming fad back to life. You go, girl!

What is going on with Demi Moore these days?

Is she wearing a girdle to help hide her growing belly? A girdle would explain the flat ass too ... Demi, you need a style make-over stat!

Xtina Aguilera accompanied her fiancee Jordy to a NY Yankees baseball game:

They both look so enthralled by the game.

Wow! Who knew that John Stamos was such a lush?

I bet he ran into his ex-wife Rebecca Romijn and her new man Jerry O'Connell at the club. Poor uncle Jesse.

Aww, check out this cute picture of Madonna's spawn:

They're cute little hellions. Man, I bet those kids are spoiled beyond belief. Must be nice.

Hilary Duff paid a little visit to Hasbro headquarters where she was presented with a bedazzled VideoNow player:

She even took the time to hang out with the kid product testers as well. How fun! Maybe someday Hil and I will get to chill out with a VideoNow player and watch some videos. Perhaps when she comes to Detroit on August 20th!

Did you know that Katie Holmes has a birthmark on her booty?

I bet Tom Cruise didn't know that either.

Check out these cute pictures of Jennie Garth, her husband Peter Facinelli and their daughter:

I didn't know Jenny was married to Peter (Can't Hardly Wait, Fastlane) ... they make a cute family.

Jessica Alba hit the grocery stores again in an attempt to be seen and photographed:

... and it worked! Yikes, I think she borrowed that hat from Mariah Carey. Maybe she was on her way to Bingo? I thought the trucker hat thing died last year?

A good friend of mine was on a shoot with Alyson Hannigan and managed to sneak this picture of Aly on the monitor:

I'm not sure what exactly she was shooting ... but the face is precious.

Check out the teaser poster for Memoirs of a Geisha:

And the poster for V For Vendetta:

Both films are coming our way this fall/winter.

Did you get to watch the season premiere of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County last night?

I love how Kristin has turned into a megabitch and how Stephen and LC have become so lame ... and the new kids look so annoyingly fun -- CASEY! WE MUST HAVE MORE CASEY! It was good to see how last year's kids have changed (er, or not changed as is more the case). I can't WAIT until they get into the nitty-gritty ... bring it ON!!!

I am a huge fan of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful (thanks to my mom and sister) ... so I have to express my absolute GLEE that Stephanie Forrester is GOING DOWN in today's episode:

Not to go off on a tangent or anything but today is the day that Jackie and Brooke are going to exact their revenge on Stephanie because they finally found proof that Stephanie faked her heart attack in order to manipulate her son Ridge to abandon Brooke and her children and marry Taylor (who miraculously returned from the grave). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! When the Forresters learn what Stephanie did they will never forgive her! SHE IS RUINED!!!

I'm going to shut up now ... Hopefully you B&B fans can appreciate my happiness!

My dear Joe is at it again ... check out the new Misfits:

I love it ... except everyone knows that I'm the Pizzazz!

Remember that dance party, Love Bizzare, that I went to last week ... well it turns out that the guy who takes pictures for Last Night's Party was there shooting pictures for his website. You can see all the pictures he took HERE (WARNING: EXTREMELY NSFW -- there are a lot of boobs). I really like this picture:

Le sigh. That's my Erik!

LOL ... the site makes that danceparty look a lot cooler than it really was ... I'm not sure when all those people got naked, but it looks pretty staged to me.

And finally, I got quoted again in today's issue of The Washington Post Express:

Maybe I need to get my buns out to DC to party with those peeps! [thanks to everyone who gave me the heads up]

Les news:
VLB and Kirsten came over last night to watch Laguna Beach with us ... we drank Mojitos and Dirty Martinis all night long ... twas fun!

Just a heads up about the site ... I am working with the folks at Fierce Media to change things up around here. We are in the process of perhaps revamping the whole site. No worries, any changes will be for the better ... believe me. So, if some things don't work (like the opening splash page today) please bear with me as we're working on making things better overall.

And, I'm out.