Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cut It Out

Angelina Jolie took her children Maddox and Zahara out for some shopping ... toy shopping ... and it seems like the children are still jockeying for position:

My money is on Zahara ... Maddox has gotten soft since he's been living the good life (he's already wearing make-up for goodness' sake). She is going to eat him up and spit him out. Let the games begin!

Paris2 are still jet-setting around the world ... they've made a stop in Monaco:

They're doing the usual ... shopping, posing, shopping ... you know, I'm so proud of Paris (female). She's really classed up her act since she settled down and got engaged ... she doesn't really do those trashy things that she used to do ...

Paris Hilton is allll lady, y'all.

Nicole Richie, tired of flying solo, has rounded up a new group of friends to be seen with:

Unfortunately they're a bunch of nobodies. I doubt anyone but me will be talking about them. Keep trying, Nicole.

Nicky Hilton is used to flying solo:

She really knows the simple life. And she knows that ugly capri pants are in vogue now ... gross!

Lindsay Lohan is still in Europe, here she is stepping out in London town:

That dress is THE worst! Deffo straight from the Golden Girls' closet.

Whoa ... check out Jessica Simpson ... puttin' the moves on ... her sister? She looks like she wants to make out with her!

I still wish Ashlee Simpson had her black hair, but she looks really pretty in these pictures. SEE ... these are the kind of pants that I like ... much cooler than those stupid capris.

Ew, Jessica Simpson has no shame ... she'll let anyone kiss her:

Even a scary old man.

AND speaking of scary old men ... brace yourselves ... if you thought Kim Stewart was a nightmare ... check out her father, Rod Stewart, IN A BIKINI!

That has to be the grossest thing I've ever seen ... well, since the last time we saw Kimmy.

Kirsten Dunst was seen hanging out with director Sophia Copella:

Shoot, if I was sexin' up Jake Gyllenhaal that's all I'd talk about too.

Yay! Lynda Carter is getting back into the lime light lately. She has role in the new movies The Dukes of Hazzard and Sky High -- and I think she still looks amazing!

I am such a big Wonder Woman fan ... Lynda Carter was the first woman that I ever wanted to marry ... I am so happy that she's getting work again. Woot!

Yuck! Who would ever want Anna Nicole Smith to be a bridesmaid in their wedding?

I'm not sure who's wedding this is but I do know that they have to be kinda stupid.

Um, are Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong the worst kissers ever?

I think that they are.

And finally, here are 2 more pictures of Pink fans with stickers:

Folks ... there are a lot of you out there with stickers ... send in those pictures!

And now, the news:
Erik and I had THE BEST dinner last night at a Vietnamese restaurant called Annam. Adriana took us to Pho Cafe when we visited LA and were treated to this amazing noodle & steak dish ... Annam serves the same dish! I was in heaven. I plan on going there all the time. Hey you Detroit peeps, if you're in the Dearborn area you have to eat there -- it's totally delish!!!

I have to jet ... getting a haircut and I have an early appointment. I'm very upset that the guy who cuts my hair doesn't work at my salon anymore! I'm a little worried about that. Lessee what happens. I'm out.