Friday, July 29, 2005

Put Up Your Dukes

You know, when you've got a new baby on the way it's very important to make sure that you prepare and buy the most essential items necessary for the good of the baby ... that must be why Kevin Federline dropped a load of dough on a new diamond encrusted watch:

I'm sure the baby is going to love it. Anyways, I do have to give K-Fed snaps for losing the socks-n-sandals look ... all he needs is a haircut, a shave, a new wardrobe, pants that fit, a job and an education and he'll be all set.

Jessica Simpson, with her entire family, made an appearance at the LA premiere of The Dukes of Hazzard:

Whoa, papa Joe is really starting to show. I wonder when he's due.

Jessica Simpson is also on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine:

Pretty standard pictures ... very safe and boring. [via]

Here are some pictures of Paris Hilton partying with Tara Reid in St. Tropez:

I don't think I'm ever going to be ready for that jelly. EEK! [thanks Tonya]

Check out this other picture of Paris Hilton on the beach:

I love the guy's t-shirt! Too funny. [thanks Kristin]

Here are more pictures of Hilary Duff at the Hasbro toy company headquarters:

Cute! And my, what big teeth Mr. Potato Head has! [via]

I love Michelle Trachtenberg ...

Except when she steals clothes from Ashley Olsen. Yuck! [via The Greek Princess]

Um, Mariah Carey should rethink wearing these kinds of bathing suits:

Or she should start using the Buns of Steel videotapes.

I always have a hard time incorporating Kim Stewart into the flow of blog entries ... she is so jarring ... and awkward:

I suppose I could stop talking about her at all ... but we all know that that would be practically impossible. It's kinda something you have to see to believe. She's wearing a sequin stretchy belt, y'all! That shit was lame in 1985!

Poor Maddox, he never looks happy anymore:

It must be hard being the #2 kid.

Poor Madonna, she's not looking too happy in these pictures:

It must be hard being the #49 "It" girl lady.

Here is a great animated gif of Brandon Flowers, in the shower, in the new Killers video for All These Things That I've Done:

Hot! You can see a few more animated gifs at

And finally, here is your public service announcement for the day:

See, I am the Pizzazz!!! Much thanks to Emily for the fun picture!

Les news:
I got to hang out with Sarah last night ... she worked on a crafty project and I just hung out with her and Mark. I have to admit, if you're in need of a little pick-me-up a shot of Pepe Lopez will do the trick.

Tonight we, Phil Collins, have our last regular season set of games to play:

We're #2 in the rankings and would love to move into the #1 position as we head into the playoffs. Wish us luck!

After the game, at around midnight, we'll be heading to Detroit Contemporary for a Funk Night danceparty ... it should be a hoot! The danceparty will be the first event of Kirsten's birthday weekend!!! I'll see what I can do about taking some pix.

Let the weekend commence! I hope you all have an amazingly fun weekend!!!

I'm out.

PS: There has been some discussion out there about crediting ... and I just want to make clear that I do my very best to credit the stuff that I use. The pictures that I use come from all over the place -- countless fan sites, other blogs, friends, reader submission -- and I try to give due credit. Pictures that come from messageboards (Static Nine, JJB, Baker Media) and like celeb picture sites (Celeb Style Galleries, Celeb Web, Dean's Planet) tend to not get credited all the time because the many of the same pictures show up on the various messageboards and gallery sites. For the most part, people who post on messageboards never credit where they got their pictures --- but that is beside the point. I don't want anyone to feel as if I'm stepping on anyone's toes. I am a huge fan of all celebrity picture sites and messageboards. SOOO, I've added links to my fave gossip messageboards and gallery sites under Hot Sites. It's big Internet ... let's all just enjoy it. This site is meant to be FUN ... so let's just have fun, y'all.