Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Right Up My Alley

Here is another picture of Britney Spears at her step-daughter's birthday party ... it seems that Britney is helping little Kori put her shoes back on ... which is a good thing by the look of her dirty feet:

And boy, if there's anyone who knows about dirty feet -- it's Britney Spears. Note the little gun that the other little girl is holding ... I bet I know who she was shooting at.

We've heard that Josh Duhamel and Fergie (Black Eyes Peas) were engaged, then we heard that they were not engaged ... then we heard that they broke up ... but they still seem very much together:

But I have made it very clear that I think that she is a bad match for him. I mean, take one look at these pictures of Fergie on stage at a concert in San Diego, CA and you tell me that they should be together:

I think a chick with such incontinence problems should better spend her time trying to keep dry than planning engagements with hot actors.

I meant to post these pictures yesterday but I forgot to ... but I feel that pictures of pop stars who pee their pants are good any day of the week!

David and Victoria Beckham were seen out on the town recently -- he was looking dapper and she was looking, well, boney:

I count 4 ribs and 2 breast bones for a total of 6 protruding bones altogether. Wow, I think she's actually gaining weight!

Here are pictures of Nicky Hilton and a male friend of hers canoodling on a yacht:

He looks really irritating ... and by the looks of poor Nicky, I'm sure he is.

Demi Moore is no longer sporting the girdle that made her booty look so flat:

She's actually quite fit and fetching. Good for her!

I guess it's true what Gloria Estefan & the Miami Sound Machine say:

Eventually, the rhythm is gonna get you.

Check out this hot picture of Mariah Carey:

It looks like a promo shot from her Shake It Off single cover photoshoot. She looks amazing!

Here are some of the pictures from Johnny Knoxville's GQ photospread:

He really does clean up well -- but then again who doesn't? I can't decide if I'm a fan tho. He's not really that great an actor ... and he's only really famous from his Jackass show on MTV. What do we think, do we like him?

Hmm, I wonder why Orlando Bloom is acting all shy all of the sudden?

Maybe he's a bit embarrassed to have been photographed snogging Jude Law's jilted lady, Sienna Miller.

Aww, check out these pictures of Reese Witherspoon walking her children, Ava and Deacon, to a birthday party:

Little Ava is becoming quite the diva ... it won't be long before she and Zahara Jolie are hittin' the clubs together ... what, in about 4 years or so ...

Why, people, why ... why does this trend continue?!

My hell would be a world where everyone wore short pants and socks with sandals. Oh great ... I think I'm in hell.

Here are more pictures of Pink fans:

Be creative, y'all! Make a fun sign or Photoshop a fun picture of yourself and send it to me ... I love posting pictures like this. If you don't comply, I may have to sick a monster on you:

And none of us really wants that, do we?

It's newstime:
Last night was soooo fun! Karen (plus her friends Amanda and Nate), Blaine, VLB, Al, Erik and I all went out for a night of mussels and featherbowling at the Cadieux Cafe. We had such a blast ... my team won both games -- but everyone had a fun time:

I had forgotten how much fun featherbowling can be! Erik and VLB had never played before and they had a real knack for the sport. I had only played once before and I ended up doing pretty well, if I do say so myself. I can't wait until we can do it again!

And I'm out.