Thursday, August 04, 2005

You Better Work ... Out

Here are more pictures of Britney Spears picking up some baby clothes from earlier this week:

Hmm, she has stopped picking up blue colored clothing ... perhaps to throw us off? Anyways, after she was done picking up baby things she paid a visit to her local flower shop:

Um, that girl got some body ... she looks so plump and happy! I bet she can't wait to have a baby of her very own ...

Look how happy she is posing with this baby from Kori's birthday party (I know, new party pictures keep popping up ... but I like posting them). [via]

Er ... I really don't have much commentary on the next set of pictures ... let's just sit back and enjoy Ryan Phillipe getting (and giving us) a gooooooood workout:

Le sigh, indeed! [via JJB]

While Ryan was bizzy working out his hot bod, Reese Witherspoon was out pumping her own gas:

There has to be a joke in there about "pumping" and "Ryan's workout" but I'm still too flabbergasted by the actual Ryan workout pix to concentrate very well ... so let's just move on ...

Paris2 are in Porto Cervo, Italy looking very much in love:

I tend to not believe the rumor that they have broken up ... they still seem as close as ever. It looks like they ditched Tara Reid too ... cool!

EEK! Is it terrible that I like Paris (male)'s short shorts? I'm not talking about for every-day wear, but in some vacation-y circumstances they're not tooooo horrible ... Hmm ...

Blech! As if clam digger pants and flip-flop socks weren't horrifying enough, it seems that Nicole Richie is trying to bring back parachute pants:

What the fug is going on with the world?! Have we been damned to fashion hell?! At this rate the fashion elite will be wearing cut-off jeans and wife-beaters ... oh wait ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Orlando Bloom is in Tokyo, Japan promoting his new movie Elizabethtown:

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest Orlando Bloom fan (I only really liked him as the Elf in Lord of the Rings) but I am looking forward to this movie. I love the trailer. I just hope it doesn't turn out as disappointing as Garden State did.

Nicole Kidman has gone brunette (again) for her new movie:

She looks a lot like Renee Zellweger.

Boo. Ashley Olsen has been dressing very chic lately, but I'm not sure what she's going for with this outfit:

It's very Sophia Patrillo. I just don't understand sweaters and shawls in the summer heat. WTF?!

Um, why is Dannii Minogue shopping for underwear at an outdoor market ... some might say, a flea market?

That's gross. [via The Greek Princess]

Did y'all watch Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List last night on Bravo?

Man ... Bravo has come up with the best reality entertainment this summer. First Being Bobby Brown and now Kathy Griffin. Erik and I laughed our asses off ... she is really funny when she is just being herself. This is definitely a must-watch show. And to be honest, I wouldn't rate Kathy a D-list celeb ... D-list is more ex-Real Worlders ... I would at least rate her C+-list.

Check out the cover of the upcoming Siouxsie and the Banshees live DVD from their show at the Royal Festival Hall in October of last year:

What an amazing picture! I can't wait this DVD is released in the US! Click HERE for a preview video clip.

And finally, here are a couple more pictures of Pink fans:

A lot of you have sent me your Photoshopped creations ... I love them ... I hope to be able to post them all in time. Thanks you guys!

Les news:
I was up until 4:50 AM reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince so I can now talk about it and read articles about it. I was very happy to read the book without any of the surprises being ruined. I was very sad when I finished reading the book ... but you'll have to read the book for yourself to know exactly why.

I'm gonna have to pick up a new book for reading this weekend ... the gang is heading out to Western Michigan for a weekend at a nice cottage near Lake Michigan (more on the upcoming weekend tomorrow). Does anyone have any suggestions for great reading?

Sarah's neighbor, Mahogany, is moving out west very soon so a bunch of us are getting together to send her off at the Double Olive for Happy Hour today.

And, I'm out.

PS: Did I really get a mention on Last Call with Carson Daly last night? Let me know in the comments!!! Oooh, Carson mentioned my blog on his radio countdown show ... kewl!