Friday, August 05, 2005

Watch The Birdie

Kevin Federline is a nerd. No doubt about it, he loves the attention that he gets for being Britney Spears' husband and I kinda don't blame him. I would be eating it up myself, tho I would try to do a better job fashion-wise than he is currently doing:

I have given up on praying for an improvement ... those socks are here to stay I'm afraid. They're the new K-Fed staple right along with the wife beater t-shirts, the saggy shorts/pants and the baseball cap. C'est la Kev!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst are really turning into quite the little domestic couple. We're used to seeing married couples, like Bennifer, going out and doing grocery shopping together ... but here we have Jake and Kirsten doing the same:

After a hectic day of grocery shopping the pair spent a night out at Club Mood in LA. Curious, they left separately ... maybe they're not together after all!!! Uh huh.

Here are some of the pictures from Jennifer Aniston's spread in Vanity Fair magazine:

Click HERE to see scans of the full interview (courtesy of ONTD!). I dunno ... I get what she was going for with this shoot but the pictures don't really do anything for me. I would have liked to see something a little hotter.

¡Ay, Caramba! Check out these pictures of Jennifer Lopez, and her ratty bird nest hair, from her photoshoot for Elle magazine:

What was she thinking?! Someone does need to be fired ... and then slapped in the face.

Here are more pictures of Paris2 in Italy. Um, what the hell is Paris (male) wearing? Those pants ... and the shoes?! Oh lord -- bad, bad, bad! When did he start letting Michael Jackson dress him?! Oh and look! Tara Reid has come upon them again:

Yeaaah, I can smell the booze on Miss Tara from here. Get help, girl ... and a breath mint.

David Beckham is on the cover of the new issue of ESPN magazine:

And he looks really pissed off about it.

Aww, check out this cute picture of Gwyneth Paltrow and daughter Apple at street fair:

That little girl is cute.

Check out Reese Witherspoon on the cover of Marie Claire magazine:

I dunno, I'm not feelin' it ... I think that Ryan Phillipe betta recognize and run away with me ... Oh wait ... er, yeah, just kidding ...

I have no idea why these pictures of Sean Astin exist but ...


Cameron Diaz is really not a fan of having her picture taken, is she?

She prolly shouldn't be a celebrity then.

OMG! Are you Young and the Restless fans ready for this?!

Sheila Forrester Warwick Carter is coming back to Genoa City! She makes her first appearance today ... Holla! I can't wait. Sheila has to be the most vile, evil villain on any Soap Opera. She's gonna bring it, y'all. Her storylines are always so fun ... Yay!!!

Do any of you remember the MTV show Spyder Games from a few years ago? It was one of the first MTV Soap Operas that debuted in 2001 ... it got off to a great start and then was abruptly ended after September 11th happened ... anyways, I came across these pictures of one of the actors (Byron Fields who played Ivan -- the closeted gay brother) and wanted to share. They're from a Playgirl photoshoot:

I must say, he's a might better to look at than, say, Sean Astin. Anyways, Spyder Games was a great show ... I think it should be released on DVD. Can someone at MTV make this happen? Thanks!

KMFDM has released the artwork for their next album:

Yeah, that looks about right.

Here are a few pictures of Pink fans:

All of the submissions are very creative. I hope you all enjoy!!

Let's do the news:
I just found out that our dear friend Tracey was admitted to the hospital at about 9:30 AM to give birth to her baby girl! Baby Z should be born sometime today!!! Happy Birthday Baby Z!!!!

Last night I got to say goodbye to 2 great chicks ... Mahogany is moving out West and Angi is moving to the East coast. Sarah, Mark and I drank it up with Mahogany at the Double Olive and then we went over to Angi's visit for a bit before saying goodbye. I with them both all the best with their moves ... I <3 them both!!!

Tonight Phil Collins enters the first round of kickball playoffs:

And we're lookin' to shock the world and roll over the competition!!! YEARRRGGGHHH!!!! Wish us luck, y'all!

After the game, like right after we're done, the gang is heading up to the cottage in Western Michigan. We're there until Sunday night ... so that means no blog posts until then. I will come back with a post for both Saturday and Sunday but they won't come until Sunday night or Monday. Make sure you have a great weekend ... the summer is quickly fading so get out and enjoy it while you still can!

I want to thank all of you for your awesome book suggestions ... there were a lot. Many of them sounded very intriguing so I'll see what I can do about picking up a book or 2 from the many suggestions.

Also, my email load is getting to be quite much. If I am unable to write back please understand, I'm really starting to get overloaded. I will try my best to post as many of the picture submissions that are sent it ...

Have a good one, y'all ... I'm out!