Thursday, August 11, 2005

Go Big Or Go Home

Awww yeaaah ... check it, yo! My dawg K-Fed has got da mad skillz, yo! It takes mad talent to be able to balance yo' celly on yo' crotch:

I wonder what else he's good at? Dressing himself is definitely not one of his talents.

These are some of the baby clothes that Britney Spears supposedly purchased for her new baby:

Are we convinced she's having a boy yet? Is the world ready for Charlie Spears?

Hey, I wonder how that paparazzo who got shot in the leg outside of Britney's baby shower is doing. Let's check in on him, shall we?

Yikes! That's a big hole. I have a sneaking suspicion that this man is going to get P-A-I-D.

Aww, check out this cute picture of Hilary Duff and Joel Madden:

Oh wait, that's not Joel ... Whoops, my bad. [via]

I have not seen E!'s new show Wild On Tara yet ... I know, I must be crazy, right? But I did manage to pick up the premiere US issue of OK! magazine which featured these pictures of Tara Reid:

I would like to take a hat pin and just walk up to her and pop those boobs ... you know they're dying to just go POP! Oh Tara. [thanks C-Lo]

Jessica Simpson, out with her hair stylist (who is from Detroit), caused quite a sensation while out shopping:

I know I can't go out anywhere without the same thing happening to me. It's the cross that we celebs have to bear.

Mary Kate Olsen and her new man were seen around LA having a good ol' time:

I kinda miss the giant she was dating before ... he's the kinda man that you could really hang out with on a trampoline, you know? I'm also happy to see that MK has dropped a few layers of clothing ... good for her!

Andy Dick is trying to pull a Jack Osbourne -- he has started jogging:

I think it's going to take quite a bit more than just jogging to make Andy start to look hot.

Nicole Richie and her man, DJ AM, are big fans of the goss mags:

Celebs crack me up ... they love all the gossip just as much as we do.

Elijah Wood looks so sad in this poster:

I wonder if something happened to his Sam?

Jenny McCarthy is still so damn hot:

These pictures from FHM magazine are proof positive that she's still got it. Loves it!

David Boreanaz is on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine:

He looks great ... but he is starting to look older. The layers make it look like he's trying too hard. I like the cover picture best.

Rachel Bilson is on the cover of Elle Girl magazine:

The pictures aren't that special, she actually looks kinda bored.

Check out this picture and poster from the other new Jake Gyllenhaal movie Jarhead:

Click HERE to see the trailer. Woot! There's going to be a whole lotta Jake this fall!

And finally, here are more Pink fan pix. The first illustration comes from an incredible artist named Jason O'Malley -- I love it! Click HERE to visit his online store, his greeting cards are amazing! Maybe I could get him to illustrate me hanging out with Britney, Paris and The SkeletwinsTM, Lindsay and Nicole?!


The news:
Sarah and I got to hang out last night ... talked a bit, ordered pizza and watched TV ... we don't do that enough it seems. Tonight Phil Collins has some major work to do. We have to win 3 kickball games tonight in order to make it to the championship game ... the time for bullshittin' is over:

We are gonna have to shock the world! Cross y'all's fingers ...

I'm out.

Off The Wagon

Our dear Spederline has been spending quite a lot of time at the recording studio these past few weeks:

I'm sure it has everything to do with Kevin Federline's debut album ... and I'm sure they think it's gonna be off the hinges ... and I'm sure we're going to get quite a chortle from it. I can't wait ... leak some tracks already!!!

Yay! It looks like I'm gonna get to meet Joel Madden this weekend:

I'm totally excited. I'll have to take pix to share with all of you. Hey Joely, I don't think you're ready for my jelly.

Um ... does anyone know if Courtney Love has an OFF switch? It needs to be flipped sometimes:

After looking at these pictures, are any of us really surprised by the news that Courtney failed her latest drug test? [via ONTD! -- thanks Erin]

Yeah, is it any wonder that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee keep getting back together:

They were totally made for one another.

Fergie made an appearance at the Heatherette party the other night ... it is my understanding that she did not wet herself this time:

Blogga supastar BRADFORD was also on hand for the festivities (lookin' FIERCE if I do say so myself) as well. Looks like a fun shindig.

Lucky magazine threw a party to celebrate their latest magazine covergirl ... oh look, the OC chicks where there:

... as where the usual Hollywood leeches.

Mischa Barton has a hard time keeping her boobies under wraps:

Click the pic to see the uncensored version (NSFW)

I don't really understand ... they don't look that unmanageable. I think she's just trying to be a show off.

The Runaway Bride, famous for staging her own kidnapping because she wasn't quite ready to get married, has begun serving her sentence for the crime of staging of her own kidnapping:

She will also be scrubbing toilets as part of her punishment. I want to see those pictures.

Rachel McAdams was on TRL yesterday:

She looked amazing! Go see Red Eye ... it's a fun movie.

Check out these outtakes from the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie W magazine photoshoot:

I love the gun pix. I get why they didn't use them in the magazine but I think many of these are much more interesting than the ones that actually got printed.

The girls from The Real World: Austin have become Stuff magazine girls:

Next up, Playboy!

Nicole Richie is the covergirl for Teen Vogue magazine:

I'm diggin' the provincial look ... it suits her. I also love that she's not wearing those ridiculously huge sunglasses that she's so fond of. Keep it simple and you look great, Nicole.

Check out these promo pictures for Walk the Line starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon:

He looks great! She looks like Reese with a wig. In any regard, I can't wait to see this movie! [via I Don't Like You In That Way]

Play underwear knows how to throw a party ... you have to invite all the right people:

Yeah ... well, at least the very hot Andy Towle was also in attendance. [thanks Monty]

Here are another bunch of Pink fan pix:


The news:
We had such a blast celebrating VLB Sarah's birthday last night, just take a look:

Dinner was superb, featherbowling (while a bit too competitive) was also very fun. Fortunately both teams each won a game ... otherwise none of us would be talking to one another. It was very fun tho!!!

Matt -- apology accepted. The drama is dunzo.

I need to lay low until the weekend ... fundage is getting depleted and there is much to do this weekend. OY! I need another vacation ... and new shoes.


PS: Lauren tells me that Pink is the new Blog was featured on CNN Headline News in a segment about Celebrity Gossip Blogs last night ... did anyone else see it? Rawk on!!!