Friday, August 12, 2005

Feelin' More Blue Than Pink

Boo! The news appears to be all bad for me this weekend ... first, Phil Collins fell in defeat last night (deets to follow) and then I learn that Good Charlotte has cancelled their Detroit concert that was supposed to happen tomorrow:

I am sure there is a very good reason for the cancellation and I'm not too upset by it ... just a little bummed that Joel and I won't get to hang. But, I'm sure we'll get to meet up some time in the future ... besides, Hilary Duff is still gonna be in Detroit at the end of this month ... maybe I could get the hook up then? (hint, hint)

As if Tara Reid needed an excuse to make a drunken spectacle of herself, it seems that she's really taken her new license as the host of E!'s Wild On TV show to go buck wild:

I really feel bad for all those helpless victims who will get caught in her wake. Get those V.D. shots, y'all -- safety first!

Check out these very Garden State-esque pictures of Adam Brody from Interview magazine:

He always look like he's about to cry ... is that so the girls know that he's emotionally available?

OY! It looks bad hair runs in the family -- Xtina Aguilera took her little brother out to get his hair dyed blue:

Aww, he looks like a snow cone.

Wow, these outtakes from the Brittany Murphy photoshoot for Esquire magazine are really cool-looking:

I really like the whole vibe of this shoot. Cool.

Here are some (well, a lot) of screencaps of Reichen Lehmkuhl from E!'s Kill Reality:

Yeah, let's just look at the pix, shall we? [via Dreamcaps]

Um, when did the kids at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft & Wizardry get so angry ...

... and, er, hot?

Yay! This blog has been beamed into space:

If there is intelligent life on other planets then they are sure to get a hoot out of Pink is the new Blog ... maybe they'll submit fan pictures ... like these:

Holla! I'll give details next week on how to get your own Pink is the new Blog sticker.

And now, the news:
So ... yeah ... Phil Collins lost again and therefore are done with the kickball playoffs. I don't know what happens to us ... we start the season out strong, even start the games out strong and then just ... piddle out. Whatevs, I had fun ... I really improved this year and am looking forward to the fall season. Woot! Tonight, Phil Collins is having its Awards Banquet and BBQ at coach Andy's house.

After the game, Kirsten, Natalie, VLB, Erik and I went to see The Aristocrats. The movie was very funny ... but a bit long IMHO. I liked it ... especially since I never heard the joke before.

After the BBQ tonight I'm gonna try and get a bunch of us to make an appearance at the Dorkwave dance party Les Enfants Terribles:

I need to dance away my blues.