Sunday, August 14, 2005

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life

Today is Erik's birthday!!!! Let's look at how hot this man is, shall we?

Yeah, it's his birthday but I get the greatest gift ever!

Happy Birthday, Babe! I love you!!!



Pee Is For Pink

So yeah, today I was supposed to go see Good Charlotte's show at the XTREME LIVE CHALLENGE festival today but since it's been canceled ... well ... yeah ... but that doesn't mean that other peeps aren't having a great weekend. Check out Bennifer partying it up at Casey Affleck's birthday party. Aww, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner look so in love:

And Casey Affleck looks so relieved.

Whoa, check out how skinny Teri Hatcher has gotten:

She looks like the mother of The SkeletwinsTM!! Scary! [thanks GM]

Check out Jennifer Lopez's after-gym wear:

I know that after a good, hard workout I like to walk around in a nightgown.

Here are pictures of the Lindsay Lohan doll:

Of course it's not an exact replica of our dear Lindsay ... the doll has red hair and weighs more than she does.

Mischa Barton is on the new cover of Cosmo Girl magazine:

The article is about Mischa and her sister ... there are pictures of the sister but I couldn't do that to you guys today.

Check out these pictures from the filming of Superman Returns:

Who knew that Superman was strong enough to lift a car?!

And finally, here are more Pink reader picture submissions:


The news:
The Phil Collins Awards Banquet and BBQ at Andy's place was very fun. Andy and Alyson just bought a new house (moved in 3 weeks ago) and hit the jackpot! Full bar PLUS a workout room (with equipment) in the basement and a huge backyard -- the house is PHAT! We were totally impressed. We spent the evening licking our wounds and talking about all the bad calls that were ruled against us this season (which is why we didn't have a better season). We also spent considerable time talking about band camps, camping in general and farm animal videos (don't ask).

I wanted to go to the Dorkwave dance party but EVERYONE pooped out ... so none of us were able to go. Ah well.

Today Erik is hanging out with his mom for his birthday and then we are going to visit the goddaughter. Woot.

And ... I'm out.