Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is The World Ready For Charlie Preston Spears?

Interesting ... news is starting to leak that Britney Spears has confirmed that she is carrying a baby boy ... the rumor is that she is going to name Fetus Spears Preston.

Hmmm ... I'm not sure if I believe this news but I feel it's my duty to report it anyways. Brit Brit is on the cover of the new People magazine:

I guess we'll have to wait and see if this news turns out to be true. [thanks Laurie and Amanda]

Set Your Sights

Well, Britney Spears surfaced again:

Her boobs are getting bigger ... and that's about it for Britney news for today.

In vastly more exciting news, Jake Gyllenhaal went surfin' again:

Unfortch he wore a wet suit top the entire time he was in the water ... but he did shower off afterwards -- HOT! Is it weird that I'm so interested in watching celebs eat? Hey -- you're interested too!

AWWWW ... it looks like Hilary Duff is guilty of the same sin that Paris Hilton is guilty of (no, not that sin) -- she wore the bulls eye dress earlier this year:

LOL. Well, at least she wore it first. [thanks Chloe]

In further Hilary news, she invited cameras into her home to share pictures of her inner sanctum with the world:

That dog is cute! It needs an LV carrier ... but is cute nonetheless.

Mary Kate Olsen is usually shy when she's being photographed by the paparazzi ... unless she's enjoying a smoking buzz ... then she gets all animated:

Ashley Olsen doesn't seem to approve. Whoa, did you see how skinny MK's legs are? They look so frail and toothpicky. She needs to smoke less and eat more.

Kristen Bell ... WOW ... what were you thinking when you decided to wear this outfit to Teen People's salute to Young Hollywood???

Damn, it looks like she borrowed this outfit from Kirstie Alley.

The entire cast of Lost got together for the DVD release party of their show's first season:

Everyone looks so rested, relaxed and happy. Yeah, that's what having a hit show does to you. I'm guessing we won't be seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt with this kind of elation any time soon.

Let's pause for a few seconds to acknowledge that Jessica Alba is hot:

That girl can take a damn fine picture. [via I Don't Like You In That Way]

Poor Cindy Crawford ... I bet she remembers fondly when she used to be one of the Hollywood "It" Girls:

Maybe she can get on the next season of The Surreal Life and extend her fame by another 10 minutes?

Aww, how touching ... Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner kiss goodbye at the airport:

Don't worry Jen, I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Oh look, here is a picture of the new cast of America's Next Next Next Next Next Top Model:

This show can't go on forever ... can it?

Game time! Can you guess who this "luscious" piece of male specimen this is?
Hint: He's really funny ... okay, no he's not but that's the hint anyway.

Click above to find out who it could be

BTW, I'm very sorry.

Oh look! Pink reader Bobby submitted Pink is the new Blog as his favorite celeb gossip site and Virgin Mobile chose Pink as their site of the week:

Thanks so much, Bobby! Rock on!!!

Check it -- here are a couple pictures of Sarah Madden and AC, from the band Her Daily Obsession, posing with a sticker:

Freakin' cool! Thanks so much for sending in the picture you guys! Not even Joel Madden has posed with a sticker, y'all!

Here are today's batch of Pink fan submissions:

Great pix -- thank you all so much.

Da news:
VLB, Erik and I met up with Karen and Blaine at The Living Room last night for pizza and martinis. We had so much fun ... the more we drank the louder we became ... obvs ... it was very fun.

Tonight ANYONE WHO'S INTERESTED will be meeting up at OSLO to celebrate Erik's (neverending) birthday at the We R DJ danceparty:

It's gonna be a blast.

Last thing, here are a couple more belt buckles that I ordered:

Do we like? Do we hate? Do we have any suggestions for other cool buckles?

Lates! I'm out.